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Jan 16, 2012
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We are now ready to open sign ups for the next round of the traveling sample box! The rules this round are going to be more clear, now that we have experience, and in order to be included you will need to follow them.

Sign Ups will be open for 1 week, we will not close them early this time.

Because the traveling box is so popular, we have a lot of participants, and in order to run this smoothly, you’ll need to follow the rules exactly. Please do not comment in this post with anything other than your sign up comment. All other discussion and questions should be taken to their appropriate thread, or emailed to [email protected].

Please do not PM myself or yousoldtheworld with your questions.

Qualifying and signing up:

1. In order to participate you need to be located in the US, and have either:

-50+ posts on MuT

-2 or more Positive Feedback in the swap forum

-You may qualify if you have been a member since at least March, 2012, but this qualification will be used at our discretion.

2. Even if you’ve already sent in your information, please send it again to[email protected] using the following format.
MuT username:
Email address:
Mailing information:
Due to the popularity of the traveling sample box, if you do not send it like this, you will not be allowed to participate.

3. Comment on this thread after you’ve sent in your information.

Rules during the swap:

1. As soon as you receive the box, send an email to [email protected] that you received it. We are going to be tracking the box much more closely this time.

2. Send the sample box on within 3 days. If you keep the box longer than 7 days and do not have a believable extenuating circumstance or do not contact us, you will not be allowed to participate in future circular swaps.

3. As soon as you send the box on, email [email protected] with the delivery confirmation number. Again, if you do not send the confirmation number, you will not be allowed to participate in future swaps.

And that’s it! If you have any questions, please ask them in the Questions thread, as this thread is ONLY for commenting that you’ve signed up. 

Signed up! My cat stepped on my computer while I was writing the email, so you may have gotten 2, sorry!

Just emailed! I am excited for this, I liked watching what everyone else got/added last time. Seems really fun!

I just sent my request in too. Hope I can be included. I'm just shy of 50 posts, but probably will be over that by the end of sign-ups!

I saw that the second round is now open. I do not qualify with the new rules but I was a participant in the first round and would like to participate again. I just sent the email to you guys.

Perfect timing! I just sorted my sample last night into a keep, ebay and traveling sample box pile. I've been waiting for this!

Signed up! I was afraid that I was going to miss it because I was moving, but I see I got internet just in time. lol

Ugh, I can't participate because I'm a new member and don't qualify. Talk about disappointing. 


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