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Feb 1, 2006
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Today I stopped at the MAC counter downtown because I wanted to turn in my six empties for my free lipstick, back 2 mac. They only let you choose lipstick, not eyeshadows etc for your freebie. I was the only customer and told her what I was there for. I looked through the lipsticks and chose Budding Lust. Anyways she didn't have it in stock and checked another area, came back said it's LE, none left. So I continued to look and she suggested another color which was similar but deeper color. I tried it on but wasn't sure at that moment. I said I will think about it but could you please phone the other counter just to see if they have Budding Lust. She did and it was sold out. I paused for a moment and then she blurted out quite rudely "Why don't you just take the one I suggested, it's practically the same color!" I was sort of shocked. I mean it's one thing to say it in a polite way, but she was very abrupt. She kept looking at me with a scowl on her face. I said "I haven't decided. For now I will take back my empties." After that I quickly glanced at a few eyeshadows as I was leaving. While I was doing that, a customer came in for a makeup session, appt. I was looking at phloof eyeshadow and the MA walked over and said "Are you done looking at that eyeshadow? I need it for my makeup session!" She said it quite rudely. It's not like I was holding the eyeshadow forever. I picked it up and examined it for 15 seconds! I put it down on the counter and walked away.

I am a loyal customer and usually when I have back 2 mac items besides my freebie, I end up buying another item but today I didn't.

Maybe she was in a bad mood or experiencing a rough day, who knows! I will probably head to the other counter this week and find another lipstick.

Is she was blatantly rude I would either write or call MAC directly. If you dont want to get her in trouble (she might have just been having a bda day) just mention the counter and not the MA name. I'm sorry she was rude to you

Is it definitly Budding Light....or Budding Lust?

True maybe she was having a bad day. I haven't see her at the counter before. She could be new or from another location. I don't know her name. If I decide to complain, I will mention the location.

I would've asked her if she had a problem and whatever her problem was to take is else where. :| I hate rude people.

Even if she was having a bad day that is very unprofessional. I work in a customer service area and I actually feel like when I have bad days, I use it to my advantage and am even friendlier, so I can boost my own mood.

You should call in to mac customer service, if they have a line for stuff like that.

I say write to MAC's customer service, if you remember her name.

You should not let her get away with this!! She was probably rude to other customers as well. Complain to MAC, that is what I would do.

I personally don't give two shits if this MUA was having a bad day. Everyone has bad days at work all the time, and you alone decide how you are going to act towards people. You definitely need to contact MAC's customer service. There is no reason for her to talk to you like that once...let alone TWICE!

I agree with everyone else. The MA's are there to SERVE the customers. If they have a problem with that then they need to find another line of work. I'd complain to the store or to MAC.

I would've snapped right back and asked her if she was on the rag?

I'd email MAC or the store or some one!! Rude is rude no matter how bad her day was going!!! Else she shouldn't be dealing with the public.... IMHO

Thanks everyone! I just sent an email to MAC customer service. Although I don't know her name, I did say the approximate time I was at the counter and location etc. It appears she was the only one on staff at the time so they may figure it out.

I agree! If your having a bad day, you can't let it show, you have to treat people with respect!

Well, I kinda agree and kinda don't...

I used to work a lot of jobs working with the public and everyone has their crappy days....maybe she shouldn't have been THAT snappy..but heck, when i'm on my period..i get short with people at times but i get really bad cramps..but either way...

no one is perfect..and it's not like she called you names like b1tch or..was THAT extremely rude..get the F off or anything like that...

Maybe at best..she should've called another MA assitant or if there wasn't any available..ignored ya..better than being rude to your face..

This can happen at any store of excellent service. The thing to remember is we're all just people. Often times things are said in a way not intended, and conversly we can preceive things other than what was intended. Besides who knows what she was dealing with, both at work and her personal life. I'm not saying it's right but from what you said she probably had built up frustration.

as colormeup said it can heppen..

maybe she was facing troubles.

just forget it


Customer service is customer service. She's representing the company. I can certainly appreciate her right to have a bad day, but when you're dealing with the public, you got to take a deep breath and put it to the side.

Originally Posted by Leza1121 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Hi,
Customer service is customer service. She's representing the company. I can certainly appreciate her right to have a bad day, but when you're dealing with the public, you got to take a deep breath and put it to the side.

exactly. i know sometimes it can be frustrating, but when working with the public, you are just not allowed to show you're having a bad day. i could have let go of the first time, but twice is pushing it.
hmm, well working in customer service myself I'd say she was rude, but sometimes people take things the wrong way. i was trying to have a joke with a member at the club once because he was trying to cancel and he took it completely the wrong way and asked me if i was being a smart ass and not taking his cancelation request seriously. So, yeah, sometimes it's easy to be misunderstood. I don't think this was the case here, and it's good you wrote to mac, my friend actually was treated REALLY rudely in starbucks the other day, and so the manager appologised and gave her a $10 voucher to use in any store she likes
so maybe you'll be lucky and get an appology AND something tangible

Also, I'm sorry she was rude to you.. it's disappointing when you're looking forward to getting something and it's ruined by someone

When you work in the public you have to be nice, or expect to be complained about.

I would have said something to the girl, there is no need to act like that.


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