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No details have been released. Many of the other Drag Race alumni have posted about it. ArizonaDrag posted that it is confirmed, but have no further details. So as much as it would be nice for it just to be a sick Internet joke, I'm pretty much thinking NOT, which is why I waited to post it--I wanted to be sure it was confirmed before doing so.

Confirmed by:

Nina Flowers


Michelle Visage


Morgan McMichaels

implied confirmation from Manila Luzon

Theresa Poukamissas

I'm still hoping it's a sick joke and that the drag queen Sahara Davenport has retired and that her male persona is alive and well. He was just posting last night so if it's true and he's really dead then it was so sudden because didn't he have an upcoming performance in Colorado or Arizona this week?

You're absolutely right, of course! All of the community is completely in on it as a huge publicity stunt! I have no idea why that didn't occur to me.

Oh, yeah, because Sahara has had well-known unspecified health issues for some time. And because Manila posted an uncharacteristically sedate "I love him so much" last night. And because each of the names I mentioned above would be unlikely to put their own credibility on the line for a publicity stunt.

It's not that, I know he's gone but I can only hope it's some stupid stunt and that he's merely retiring as Sahara Davenport and it's a terrible, terrible mistake that some how got twisted and he's fine and okay. It can happen, right? Some how someone made a mistake some where and the info is wrong. Right?

I'm not that familiar with the drag community, but news of deaths are always crappy. Condolences and was the person on RuPaul's show? I didn't watch faithfully, but may recall them.

Perhaps you don't realize that you came across as accusing me of either A) starting/perpetrating some hoax for my own sick and twisted pleasure or B) being too uninformed to be aware of the reality of the situation. It is entirely possible that you simply had no idea how your words could be taken. However, as much as I try NOT to name-drop here, I have far too many friends in the public eye to post something like this without having verified it across multiple sources, AND not to post it until it is confirmed and announced by people MUCH higher on the food chain than I am. Even if I had been in the room when it happened (which I, of course, was not), it would have been a direct violation of my own ethics to post it BEFORE those people who would be regarded as official sources. However, since you do not know my personal moral code, I am entirely willing to accept that you were far too distraught to realize that you were, in effect, implying that I was a liar AND that you came across as entirely condescending. I shared this here because I was of the impression that there are other people here that are members of the drag community, whether as performers or as fans, thus making it not off-topic and possibly relevant to the interests of the members of this community.

Originally Posted by MissLindaJean /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm not that familiar with the drag community, but news of deaths are always crappy. Condolences and was the person on RuPaul's show? I didn't watch faithfully, but may recall them.
Season 2 and was with Manila Luzon, from Season 3

I'm sorry you thought I was implying you made it up. I'm in shock that he's gone because he was just posting yesterday. I've seen it happen in the past where a celebrity supposedly died and even their friends and family thought it was true when in reality it wasn't but was some one's sick joke that got twisted around. I'm still hoping that's the case that everyone got it wrong and he's okay and that he'll post on his Twitter or Facebook that he's okay it was just a misunderstanding.

Wow. I only started watching Drag Race starting with season 3, but it's always sad when someone passes. Especially since I know that despite all the hilarious cattiness on the show, it's a close and tight-knit community.

My condolences. ):

There was an official statement released:

The family and friends of Sahara Davenport, also known as Antoine Ashley, have just released the following statement about the cause of Sahara’s sudden passing:

It is with the greatest sadness that we must confirm the death of Antoine Ashley, also known as Sahara Davenport, from the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Antoine passed away due to heart failure on October 1, 2012, at John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland. He was twenty-seven years old.

Antoine’s mother, Angela Ashley Reddish, spoke on behalf of the family. “I thank God for giving me an Angel Antoine Ashley to share with the rest of the world. My family and I would like to thank everyone for their condolences and support. We know that our Angel is now dancing in heaven. May God bless each and everyone.â€

Boyfriend of six years and fellow drag entertainer Karl Westerberg (aka Manila Luzon) had this to say: “Antoine lived to entertain the world as Sahara Davenport, and the world was in awe over his extreme talent. But his heart is what made us all fall in love with him. To me he will always be my best friend, my hero, my Diva, and I have always considered myself more than lucky to have him be forever a part of my life. Thank you, hon, for bringing so much beauty to all of us. Your legacy lives on in me and all of us you’ve touched.â€

In memory, Sahara asks that you, “Live, love, and believe.â€


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