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Feb 15, 2013
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14 days after I had my upper eye lids done and am happy.  But, the scar and bumpiness is still quite evident.  I am attending an event this weekend and do not want to have any one see this.  My doc has given me clearance for make up

I would like to wear some sort of concealor or eye shadow base and a light colored shadow.  Also, mascra.  I know Clinique is sold and safe but a professional told me once that it was not true??

What types and brands should I get???? Also, a gentle makeup remover???

Any advice would be so apppreciated!!!

I have sensitive eyes and I find a lot of luck with the maybelline color tattoos. Urban decay primer potion and mac's paint pots are very very dangerous for my eye lids. They rip up my lids and really make them hurt. I'd stay away from that. 

As for makeup remover, have you tried Urban Decay's melt down? That is really gentle for me, I then wash with cetaphil. 

Get yourself some eye makeup remover from La Roche Posay. They sell a pack of sterilized vials that are great for travel...and as clean and gentle as you can get! Also pick up some Avene eau thermal spring water! it has selenium in it which reduces redness and inflammation! Use it in place of a toner and also to give your skin a fresh boost if hydration! Also pick up some Lancome Base Pro primer to apply under your fdtn and concealer! Amazing stuff! Smashbox photo primer is another awesome and gentle primer! For fdtn try Vichy dermablend or cover fx! Both really pigment rich so they cover with very little product and are made for intolerant skins! It's my go to whenever I have a client who has just undergone treatment !


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