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Apr 23, 2006
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My son in law called today. He is in Kuwait and will be there for 2 weeks before going to Baghdad. He is safe and ok. I feel so much better at least knowing that he made it there. He has some international calling cards. I threatened him with his life if he used the cell phone b/c I pay for it. He, Courtney and I share minutes. He said phone cards are extremely cheap over there. When he gets to Bagdhad he is gonna set up an internet phone plan. He has his laptop with him. More later...............

Kelly, I have been there; tell him to go with Netzero and use his laptop and headphones to call you. Much cheaper and you pay my month and it is drafted from account. Clearity is a big thing when finding best phone service. I was there 14 months and called home about every night. I wish him the best and get home safe.

that's great news, kelly! my prayers are with you and your family, and all of our troops until they are home safely! God Bless!

I'm glad he's safe Kelly! I forgot the name of the site, but there's a site you can get international calling cards for DIRT cheap! They e-mail you the pin and number and everything, and some are rechargeable. As soon as I remember the site, I'll give it to you. (Just in case you ever get a chance to call him, which I'm doubting, but if not, then you can give him the info to use too).

That's great to hear that he is ok and safe! My brother leaves for Kuwait on Dec. 3rd. It's his second time going. I'll ask to see which phone plan he uses. My dad bought him a new laptop also because his last one broke over there. Kelly I hope your son in law stays safe and I'll pray for him.

Thanks everyone. I actually posted that on the 15th and now I talk with him over the phone and IM 4-5 times a week. I think about the older wars like when my grandfather was in WWII and my grandmother would not even know where was for months at a time. My SIL is doing fine and leaves Kuwait tonight at midnight for Baghdad.


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