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Jul 7, 2004
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I generally don't like to talk to people about $$$, but I'm curious... does anyone know how much sales associates make at a counter like MAC? I hear that MAC employees do not work for commission, like many other lines. How does it all work?

I've talked with many of the MAC associates about their pay rate because I was interested in working there. As far as I've been told, they make about $18-$20 dollars per hour. I'm sure store/counter managers make more than that.

AFAIK, starting pay ranges between $12-$15 depending upon experience; & the average is about $18-20. I know that they don't work on commission which is why their wages are higher.

I would LOVE to work at MAC, but I don't have any experience other than doing my friend's makeup and my own of course. I play around with my makeup sometimes, but I need to practice getting some techniques down. Like trying to get the colors to stand out more. Sometimes it looks muddy and you can't really tell what colors they are. And I need to work on what colors to use together.

All I have is MAC makeup, some Bare Escentuals, but I don't use them that much. So I would def love the discount too! lol I should take some pics of my MAC makeup and put it in my notebook.

I was thinking about going to beauty school to get my esthetician license to learn about skin and stuff, and to get a job at a different makeup counter, but I don't have any other MU other than mac and don't know about the other products.

I also heard starting pay at MAC is $14. So I'm not sure.

One question... do you have to wear your hair back from your face when you work at MU counters? I only wear my hair down and when I put my hair in a ponytail, it doesn't look very professional. I'm not very skilled with the hair


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