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Apr 19, 2012
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Featured in the December 2012 Sample Society subscription, some members may have received this hand creme by Lollia. As per Beauty Bar's description, the Lollia Wish Shea Butter Hand Creme has a rich, unforgettable fragrance in a signature scent with notes of bergamot, vanilla bean, amber woods and rice flower to name a few and nourishes the skin, with shea butter and macadamia nut oils.

Did this hand creme work for you? 

I enjoyed using it while I had it but it could never replace my l'occitane. It felt like it might be better for me in the summer if I were to purchase it.

I didn't get a sample of this, but it's intriguing and the packaging is stinking cute..what were pluses for you? I'm curious about the scent, if it'd be too fragrant for work or competitive with perfume I wear..

I loved the scent. That was my first thought when I wore it the first time. It smelled fabulous. It was a little strong initially but mellowed out pretty quick. I did not find it over powering my perfume. I thought the packaging was adorable too.


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