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Apr 19, 2012
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In the December box, many subscribers received a sample of this product. From the Beauty Bar website...  this 3-in-1 multitasking formula gently cleanses, conditions and softens skin and hair, while providing a rich, foaming lather for a luxurious shower or bath experience. the ethereal, clean scent evokes a sensory experience that creates uplifting feelings of vibrancy, well-being and clarity, inspiring you to live in the present moment. in a true state of grace there is no longer a sense of time or space. suspended and weightless, you are held by the same invisible force that cradles the stars and planets. you realize your breath is indeed the heartbeat of the divine as it echoes through the galaxies and beyond. and in that one extraordinary moment of stillness, every moment of your life is retold in an instant. and all you know for sure is that life is but a dream, and living grace is all that is real. *rich, moisturizing lather*ethereal, clean scent*feel vibrant, alive and belovedfirst dampen body and hair, then slowly massage into your skin and hair.

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I couldn't stand the smell of this! I love this product, but not in this scent, I have a Caramel mocha latte one I think and I love it!


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