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Jun 22, 2004
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From the May 2005 issue of For Me magazine.

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Serves 2

[*]Simmer 1 1/4 cups V8 juice in a large covered nonstick skillet. While juice comes to a simmer, thinly slice 1/4 lb kielbasa sausage.

[*]Add sausage to skillet along with 2 cups pepper stir-fry mix & 1 cup frozen cut okra. Cover, bring to a gentle boil & cook 3 minutes until hot.

[*]Stir in 1 cup uncooked 5-minute rice, bring to a boil; cover & remove from heat. Let stand 7 minutes until rice & vegetables are tender. Stir to fluff rice. Good with a green salad.

* Since vegetable juice is acidic, the rice will take longer than usual to become tender.


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