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Aug 9, 2006
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Scarlett Johansson: A-List Bag Lady

Posted Aug 31st 2007 11:45AM by TMZ Staff
Filed under: Paparazzi Photo, Fashion Police, You Might Want to Rethink
Following in the tiny footsteps of Mary-Kate Olsen, Scarlett Johansson is the latest celeb victim of the diabolical fashion trend that is "homeless chic!" Spare some change?
Layered in a street-friendly fur-lined hoodie, **** Tracy's old fedora, a blue Mennonite dress, '80s leggings, a pair of Goodwill lace-less men's oxfords, and carrying a gargantuan white sack that can hold all of one's belongings, ScarJo made her way through Heathrow airport on Thursday. *Attention passengers ... The Notting Hill Women's Shelter shuttle is now available outside Baggage Claim B ... Baggage Claim B*
Will star in Woody Allen film for food!
I never understand why these beautiful women cover themselves up unless they are TRYING to be incognito. So unattractive.

I understand when someone just wants to be comfy, but what the hell? Those brown men's shoes....*whatever*

Originally Posted by speerrituall1 /img/forum/go_quote.gif I think she's aiming to be on the down low. Probably wants a paparazzi break. Her outfit screams for paparazzi attention, though. It's like "HELLO, PAPARAZZI, SCAR JO HERE! PLEASE IGNORE ME!!!! J/K!!!" lol!
Maybe they thinking they might not be recognized so easily with these ensembles. Not a good look for her.



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