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Aug 11, 2007
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Love It or Hate It??

I quite like the style of it (I love stripes
), I don't think it's the best dress i've ever seen her in but i do quite like it

I love the dress. For once her boobs aren't being mangled in a really painful way - she always has them jacked up so if she looks down she's going to get a face full of boobs!

on the other hand, while this looks more comfortable boob-wise, it isn't particularly flattering. It's the only part of the dress I don't like.

hair and makeup isnt that special either.. I guess the dress is the best part of the cover in my opinion

i like the dress, just wish that little gap that shows some boob-age wasnt there.

cause if it wasnt i'd totally wear it.

The dress is cute and I like her hair in this's a lot more natural than her regular style.

That dress is cute and i like the part by her boobs...but then again maybe i just like showing my boobs/clevage too much...lmao

I like the colors and the overall shape of it. The top part could use a little change, otherwise it's nice.

I love the dress generally except maybe the bust area, very cute. As Karen said and I agree I could not get away with wearing it.