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Nov 6, 2005
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Go ahead, let the venting begin...


These kids got a mouth on them like no else! All they ever respond back now is, "you shut up!" or "No! I don't have to do it!"

I swear when I was a kid I would NEVER speak back to an adult like that. they get in trouble by their teacher or parent? Nope.

Nope, nope, nope! Argh.

I'm so tired of this damn job.

I'm graduating from UF in like two weeks and I have 30 pages of papers to write, weeks of reading to do, pack, and a ton of other crap.

I am

I am so tired of school. Even though this is my best quarter ever, it is also my most stressful quarter too. Not to mention that i think i have either pneumonia or bronchitis. Next week is exam week and blah...I took an exam today. slept only 3-4 hours last night studying for it and I am not certain i did a stellar job. This is my 7th semi all nighter in 2 months. Sometimes i wonder if one really needs an education (College level). After college i want to go do an RN program (Registered Nurse) and while I was browsing their website, i noticed that you can be fresh out of high school and go do the RN!!!!

Ok so the week of Thanksgiving I had to go Monday and Tuesday and I get the rest of the week off. Well 2 of my 3 classes on Tuesday said not to come. I usually go to class, but when a teacher says I don't need to come then usually I don't. Well I was going to go to my first class, but I ended up having to watch my niece. You I thought no problem I didn't have to go anyways. Well this past Tuesday I find out if I had gone I would have been exempt from the final. I'm still pissed about it. I mean why would the teacher do that? Trick me like that and its not like i was skipping to hang out with friends I was doing a favor for my brother.

I have 2 weeks left of college and im had to readmit myself to take an extra class but i havent gotten my registration date yet. Which means all the classes will be full!

I hate mergers! I hate greedy companies that take over and cut cut cut then sell again.That is all I can say about my employer

I absolutely LOVE my job.

BUT, a couple co-workers are gossip queens, drama princesses and just plain rude. I don't know WHAT their deal is...but they need to get over it. Their poop stinks just as much as the rest of us.


Damn i've been studying so much, my legs hurt, my head hurt, i just want to lay on the couch and sleep

Let's see I have 2 papers due, 1 that I need to have my prospectus (whatever the f that is! I guess just my thesis of what I'm going to do) and an annotated bibliography in by Tuesday or Thursday since I just realized I wasn't going to bother going all the way to school for one class...maybe I will. I have to do my presentation on my PR program plan that I turned in yesterday. I have assignments for my other PR class due and luckily only 1 final to study for, but it will be pretty easy, all the other tests were. Just a lot of work. Ahhh I just remembered, I have to look up and pick a Native American women artist for my women's studies group project. I have to write 2 pages and send it to another group member this weekend... ughhhh and I'm sick.

I have to find someone to let me do a substance use history and full intake/assessment on them. It's HARD! No one wnats to spill their secrets to you, even when the only other person who'll read it is the professor. I'm also worried that I failed my last class.

On the work front, I'm sick of interviewing and waiting FOREVER to hear back. I follow up, send thank you notes, and you b****es can't even tell me whether or not you've made a decision after 3 weeks?? Just say no so I can move on! Luckily, I have another interview, but it's gonna be crazy. I'm meeting with most of the department heads and will be there for 3 hours. Eeeek!

I have a big proposal and research paper with an annotated bibliography that I have to do. I don't even care about anthropology, quite frankly. It's getting so stressful because I have a three bedroom apartment and one of the roommates moved out, leaving two of us to split the rent for a three bedroom place! So I've been working as much as I can but I'm not getting enough hours. It stresses me out so I can't be totally devoted to my studies and what I need to be doing. UGH!


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