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Feb 26, 2011
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As a reminder: Please make sure to read the Secret Santa rules before signing up. If you haven't sent me your address please do so ASAP. Less than a week before I send that info to your Secret Santa.

Username: Zadidoll

Country: USA

Wish list: open to anything.

Note: The wish list is just a suggestion of products you like and would love to get however if you would like something more personalized or don't care if it's something specific then by all means please share that. As much info as you are willing to share with your Secret Santa the better.

For example, I put in my wish list I'm open to anything but let me give you more information on myself so my Secret Santa knows me a bit better.

  • I love cats (and that's an understatement) and I love chickens. I have numerous cats including my youngest kitten whom I jokingly refer to as my 4th daughter. lol I love rabbits.
  • I love the color blue and teal (anything that reminds me of a peacock).
  • I'm always on the hunt for the perfect purple (nail polish) that's not too red and not too blue, not too flat and not too dark.
  • I use both drugstore and prestige brands.
  • My nail polish collection is filled with every single Wet 'n' Wild polish from their core line but I've been having trouble hunting down any of their LE stuff (especially anything exclusive to CVS).
  • I love OPI and China Glaze but don't own anything newer.
  • I love Cult Nails (I own Unicorn Puke and Time Traveler).
  • Love Korean nail polish after using GLORY (which is not available in the US yet).
  • Love Japanese cosmetics because I have a yellow undertone (OCC is among the few American lines whose foundations and tinted moisturizers I can use).
  • I'm learning airbrush makeup so I'm trying to find a brand of airbrush foundation I can use on myself (OCC makes mini sets but I ordered the tinted moisturizer one rather than the airbrush one and right now can't order anything from OCC due to NY being shut down and OCC being based in NYC). I'm Y0 and Y1.
  • Love OCC Lip Tars. Would love the new Nylon one that's exclusive to Sephora.
  • Since I'm learning airbrush makeup I need to find cleaning supplies to clean my airbrush gun.
  • Love Manic Panic's Creatures of the Night nail polish (I only own Heavy Metal, wish I picked up Hellfire and the other two colors).
  • I'm into Lime Crime, Fyrinnae, Glamour Doll Eyes and Saucebox Cosmetics products.
  • I love Sugarpill but already own all her current palettes and pressed shadows and loose pigments, I don't own any of her eyelashes yet (that's next on my hit list).
  • Oh I love eyelashes. LOVE eyelashes.
  • Love Cinema Secrets.
  • Love Mehron.
  • Love Ben Nye. (and my kids keep saying, "Ben Nye the Science Guy"? and I keep telling them, "No that's Bill Nye the Science Guy." LOL)
  • Makeup brushes - love makeup brushes especially stippling brushes, "C" brushes, blending brushes, etc. Doesn't matter if it's drugstore, prestige or private label. So long as it's not ELF brushes that tend to fall apart on me.
  • Milani cosmetics - especially things that are exclusive to CVS (no CVS in my state) - like the Total Lash Cover Mascara (I forgot to buy that when I was in Vegas).
  • Wet 'n' Wild cosmetics - anything that's LE (I'm still hunting down those three newer palettes).
  • Black Radiance eye appeal shadow collection (no one carries those in my area).
  • Hand lotions, creams and butters. My desk is covered in lotions, creams and butter in the fall and winter because when I get cold I dry out.
  • Weird and wonky things. I love things that are weird. Years ago I had a gargoyle statue that I loved until we moved and it broke. I also had this eyeball paperweight... no idea what ever happened to that.
  • Peacock feathers. Earrings, hats, pens, whatever... if it has a peacock feather or design I love it since it reminds me of my pet peacock (loved him until his death due to old age).
  • Love makeup bags. I can't get enough.
  • Lactose intolerant so chocolate and I don't get along.
  • Allergic to raspberries.
  • Hating tanning and self-tanning. LOL (My family calls me a vampire because I hate being in the sun.)
  • Tweezers - I'm always buying tweezers because I'm always losing tweezers. Love needle nose tweezers the most.
  • Manicure products - buffers, nail files (love glass nail files), cuticle scissors, etc. Any type of nail implement since mine tend to disappear (I have a daughter who loves giving herself a manicure but never returns my things).
  • Palettes - not makeup palettes but things like Paw Palettes, metal mixing palettes - things to mix foundations, creams and things.
  • fleur-de-lis - anything fleur-de-lis

My complexion: Yellow undertones.

Skin type: Combination, leans towards dry in winter and oily in summer.

Eye color: Brown.

Hair color: Black

I'm really open to anything really.
Username: Jazbot

Location: NYC

Will only send within USA states.

Wish list: YSL Lipsticks (Reds, berry's, plum), Tarte Wooden Lipstick (Red), Juicy Couture/Marc Jacobs Roller balls, Zoya Polishes (Winter/new Collection)

Those are specifics..but anything beauty related.

Username: ShandiMessmer
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Will only ship to USA.

Wishlist: I'm pretty good with anything:) I love surprises, more than anything - (Please note, I have very pale skin and love corals and nude colors).

Username - tevans Location - Katy, Tx ( close to Houston ) Will only ship to USA WISHLIST - Love nail polish ( not drugstore brand not wet n wild or NYC - like julep ,Essie ,OPI, illamasqua) Love lip balms -( sprout ,EOS etc) Julep pedi cream

Username: FayeX

Location: MA, USA

Only ship within US 

Wish list:

let me think... beauty related... I already have huge stock of skincare and quite a lot of  make up. I'm afraid that I can't finish them before exp date LOL. If anyone is interested in skincare and make up I would like to sent one item as an extra~ 

The #1 on my list is MAC's eye brushes(217 etc.). What's next? Emm... after hours of thinking, still no idea. Maybe because I  stored up toooo much stuff! 

Question here:

Is it better to personalize the gift as much as possible Or most people prefer  things never imagine of? 

If someone likes  personalized gift, I suggest she/he add more personal information like skin color, skin tone, skin type, eye color, hair color, age, style, favorite color ... (can we pm these information to zadidoll? It may not be comfortable for some people to talk about themselves in public threads )

Username: diana16

Location: TX

 Will only ship in USA

Wish List:Vivia Glam Lipstick, Nail Polish ( Essie) , Exfoliators, Benefit Porefessional, Mascara :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

 I love surprises but any mascara, nailpolish, or primer would be perfect.

Brands that I like: Benefit,Urban Decay, NYX, YSL

Username: Margo Julianna

Location: Ontario, Canada

Will ship to U.S. or Canada

Wish List: Up for surprises for sure, but here's some brands I like: Tarte, YSL, Stila, Benefit, Philosophy, Eyeko (their liner is unreal), Too Faced, UD, NYX (esp. their palettes!) Cargo.

Don't forget to send me your personal information so I can send it to your Secret Santa on the 16th.

Username: Jacinta

Location: Kentucky

Will ship to US

Wish List: I love lipstick (pinks and corals), liquid liners and mascara!  I also like accessories and soft makeup brushes.  I love brands like Perfekt, Lorac, Tarte, Stila, Benefit, Bare Minerals, Cargo, etc.  I am not big on polishes, but if I do wear it, I like pinks. 


Username: MissLindaJean

Location: USA

Will ship US or Canada

Wishlist: Am open to just about, I love mascaras, lippies/balms/stains/maybe a lipstick in nuetrals/berry/pink shades, eye shadows/pigments with shimmer, liquid/gel liners... sweet or fruity fragrance roller balls/minis, hair masques or oils, bath/spa stuff like body butters, fizzies/bombs, oils. Nail polish is always welcome, the more glitter or metallic and jewel toned...the better! No facial skincare for me...I have waaaay too many to go through!

Brands I like/lust/love: Kiehl's, L'Occitane, Philosophy, Tarte, UD, Stila, China Glaze, Zoya, Essie, NYX, Eyeko, Buxom, Fresh, Smashbox, WnW, Milani, Ben Nye...there's too many

I'm fairly light, but not alabaster pale..The Boscia and Dr. Jart Premium BB creams were a fantastic match Love dangly earrings, chunky or light, just long and dangly..
I like owls and sea horses..
Animal print...classy and sexy, utterly timeless if done right! I'm a huge fan of the color aqua or anything deep and rich, like jewel tones
Scarves/gloves for fall/winter are fun Headbands or clips/hair jewelry If it's a body product or perfume and smells like I'd want to eat it, I'll probably like it lol..chocolate, vanilla, sugar, pumpkin, carmel I love spa type stuff like gloves, eye masks, sponges
Makeup tools like brushes and stuff are always fun
Love Earl Grey or Chai teas..yum
Coffee, coffee, coffee!!
Can't go wrong with dark chocolate ever..
No allergies

 and haven't tried Lush, so I'd be happy to get some fizzies and bombs from there!

Username: lovepink

Location: SoCal

Will ship to: USA

Wishlist:  Makeup!  More specifically eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, I love lip products in all forms, love perfume (mostly florals or fresh scents), nail polish is ok I mostly like hot pink and sparkly.  I love lotion, shower gels, etc.  I love UD, Tarte, NYX etc.  Cant think of a brand I am not fond of ;) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Would prefer not to get skin care, face care, moisturizers etc

Do we PM you or is there an email?  Sorry I am new to this!

Originally Posted by zadidoll /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Don't forget to send me your personal information so I can send it to your Secret Santa on the 16th.
Username: Jwls750 Location: New Haven, CT Will Ship to: USA only please(I guess I can ship internationally, but rather not. I've never done it before and don't wanna screw it up for anyone, I ship nationally all the time thought :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />) Wishlist: As long as it's beauty related I'm really open to anything, but I'd prefer not to get any perfumes or lip glosses. I LOVE eyeliner, liquid liner, lipsticks, mascara, blush, fake lashes, nail polish. I'm really just excited to be doing this so I'll love whatever! It's the thought that counts!

Username: Missionista

Location: California

Will ship:  Anywhere

Wishlist:  I love surprises.  I would be especially delighted with any of the following:

colorful liquid eyeliner

eye makeup primers

LUSH bath bombs, bubble bars or shampoo bars

perfume (no sweet scents)

nail polish (esp Layla or other holos, and minis would be AWESOME)

indie makeup brands (like Fyrrinae, that sort of thing)

stuff from other countries that is hard to get in the US

I would prefer NOT to receive: foundations, moisturizers, lipstick/lipgloss (drowning in lip products all of a sudden), toners, palettes.  Hope that's not too picky!

Username: tgooberbutt

Location: No. California

Will ship:  US, and our neighbors to the north, eh?

A little about me: NC25-30. Dark brown hair and eyes. Oily/Combo skin. No wrinkles. 

Would prefer: To try your holy grails: skin/nail/facial care, makeup! Loooove mini polishes.  

Absolutely nots: Lip or hair products, perfumes. Reds or Pinks of anything :p /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> ...

Username: CannyCharlene

Location: Virginia, U.S.

Would prefer to ship within the U.S.

Wishlist: Interested in various things, I love surprises, and I am easily excited.  Top on my list are eye creams, moisturizers, blushes, lip glosses, and nail polish

Hints: I've just started putting more effort into my skin/make up routine this year so I have a humble collection. I don't have any primers or setting sprays and I have limited brushes. I LOVE Tarte, Carol's Daughter, and Kiehl's. I've never tried Zoya or Julep (gasp!) but I love Orly and Essie and I'm not picky on colors.

I would prefer not to receive: Hair products unless it is a sulfate free shampoo/conditioner

Username: Lisa N

Location: Crown Point, IN

Prefer to ship to US

Wishlist: LUSH - Snow Fairy!!  Fresh Sugar Lip (any color), or Sugar Lemon rollerball.  Zoya - any jewel tones.  Aveda anything.  Fekkai shea butter sham/cond.  Up for anything really though.

Username: StellaSunshine

Location: Michigan, USA

Will Ship: USA only

Wish List: 

  • I take a bath every night so I love trying out any scents of bodywash/bubblebath/bath bombs
  • I have a job that requires me to wear neutral/natural makeup shades
  • Nail polish brands I love: OPI, Zoya, Essie but any brands you think have good staying power/chip resistance I would love to try.  Also, any colors are fine (I have to wear neutral colors on my fingers but I can always wear fun, brighter colors on my toes)
  • Brands I love:  Tarte, The Balm, Lush, Perfekt, Urban Decay, Stila, and Fresh  but again, I think it would be fun to try something new that you think is an awesome product or brand!
  • I have oily skin so I love face masques
  • I have a huge basket of lipstick and glosses, but hardly any lip stains (love, love, love Stainiac)
  • I'm easy to please so feel free to ignore my wishlist and surprise me with something beauty or non-beauty related.
Originally Posted by lovepink /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Do we PM you or is there an email?  Sorry I am new to this!

Quote: Originally Posted by zadidoll /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Don't forget to send me your personal information so I can send it to your Secret Santa on the 16th.

Either is fine. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />
Originally Posted by fayeX /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Question here:

Is it better to personalize the gift as much as possible Or most people prefer  things never imagine of? 

If someone likes  personalized gift, I suggest she/he add more personal information like skin color, skin tone, skin type, eye color, hair color, age, style, favorite color ... (can we pm these information to zadidoll? It may not be comfortable for some people to talk about themselves in public threads )
There are two ways we can go with Secret Santa. The first is that the Secret Santa see a wish list and buy you something off that wish list OR the second allow the Secret Santa to get you something you may never have heard of or thought to ask through the personalization as you suggested. If those of you who would like something more personalized by all please share that info. The "Wish List" was just a suggestion but you're more than welcome to post (or PM me) as much info to help your Secret Santa pick something you will like. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />


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