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Jul 25, 2006
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i have a tanning question since i have never tanned befor...what i want to know is when spraying or putting lotion (self tanners) should i apply aloso on my eye lids ...and i keep on hearing that you should wash your hand while applying self tanner so they dont stain uummm ok if do that wont the tan on the top on my hands go ??

i just added this

i know i'm probably killing you all with these dumb questions... but can i use a body self tanning product on my face too or a face tanning product on my body, cuz i see some product lines have a special one for the face and another for the body ... and has anyone used lancome tanners such as flash bronzer Self-Tanning Face Gel

or Aqua flash bronzer fresh self tanning face water

Hi if i am applying fake tan i normally put it on my face with a cotton wool pad, as then it wont be so deep a colour, and i also wear gloves when applying the lotion then just rub a cotton wool pad with a little tan on over my hands. You can buy throw away gloves for this, i use Fake Bake which provide you with gloves.

I do the same thing. Make sure you get a self tanner that is tinted so that you can see where you have been. It makes for a more even application. Even using gloves always wash your hands after applying self tanner--the color does seem to cling in all the wrong places. Do a seaarch on Self-tanners on this site--you will find out everything you need to know. Happy Tanning!!!

thanks for the help
i really do need any advice i can get...i know nothing about tanning

i have tried alot of tanners. i am pale, & have very sensitive skin. i like fake bake-airbrush tan. you do not need gloves, cause you spray it on. not a gross feeling after applied. you just have to get good at being even, but it lasts longer than any rub on lotion. i rub body lotion on the back of my hands, elbows, & feet, to not get those areas too dark. if someone can do it for you that would be great. i spray it on in my shower, cause it goes everywhere(just like mystic tan). mystic was more orange on my skin. also i put balled up tissue in my nose, cause it will get in there, gross but you need to put it in. i use to use the rub on tanner, it is great as well. fake bake goes on brown so you can see application. i can last about a week with this product. hope this helps. $22.00-$30.00 a can, depends where you get it online.