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Originally Posted by carla_Hilton Im am a blonde haired tanned skin girl, with green-hazel eyes. My senior pictures are this month and i want a fresh look for makeup i can try. i want to stick to natural colors, also my eyes kinda small so i would love to make them look bigger! Any good mascara to use would be great b/c i have long but thin eyelashes.. ... also anything i can buy from walmart will be great seeing how the closest mall is about 2 hours away.. thank you Hi Carla, maybe you can try a mascara that comes with a primer, so you can thicken first.. i know theres a few at walmart, and a neutral look with your green eyes would look real nice, browns maybe? Rimmel has a nice eyeshadow selection and for a very good price
hope that helps!

ditto on the shimmery browns. i think i shimmery light tan color would look nice on the lid.

don't line your bottom lashes, that makes your eyes look smaller.

Have you ever tried curling your lashes? That can help your eyes look bigger. Avoid eye colors that are too dark, perhaps a bronzey shade of brown would work?