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Mar 2, 2005
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Ok, so aside from being up all night ordering stuff online, I was also playing with my makeup. I am loving the Senna lip products I just got. The liners are incredible and they feel good(not as good as my Chanel) and the lipsticks are nice. Great colors! The mattes are not drying like most matte colors are. The creams are perfect and the sheers feel like they could last throughout the day. The touch up pencil for lips is a great way to give the look of added fullness to lips if you line the outer part-in fact I think it's what Angelina Jolie's MA uses for the added oomph

I also love their blushes. Nice texture and great colors! The cream blushes are great for people who don't use a lot of face makeup-great natural look. Perfect on bare skin. And the glisten powders are great as a cheek highlighter or as a blush alone.

I'm not too fond of the eyeshadows. They're good for people who want a much more subdued and natural look, nice browns. That's about it.

Just thought I'd let you guys know

Good to know, thanks for the info (I've never heard about this brand before)

I've been hearing about it for a while now from several makeup artists I know in the motion picture biz.

I've only tried their l/s & was really impressed. Someone also gave me a cream e/s, but it didn't make me wanna tell people, so I passed it on as an extra in a swap. Glad to hear their blushes are great b/c this is one line that gets little to no press. I'll have to reconsider the line again.