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Sephora + PANTONE UNIVERSE Shades of Nature Eye Shadow Palette - $17

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Aug 16, 2012
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I was almost on the verge of making a purchase yesterday, but this JUST popped up today so I'm super glad I waited.


Sephora + PANTONE UNIVERSE Shades of Nature Eye Shadow Palette, originally $48, now $17. I sobbed a lot because I would've never paid $48 for it, but it's a huge steal for $17.

Don't forget! If you get $8 more stuff you can add on the ITKIT for 9 samples + bag along with their default 3 samples. Also! Don't forget to ask a friend to give you Wrapp $5 Sephora gift card. Shipping is $6 under $50, but if you use the GC it pretty much almost negates the cost of shipping. Otherwise, if you order $50+ you just get to save an extra $5.

Happy sephora hoarding everyone, lol

Originally Posted by Missglammygirl /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Would someone send me a giftcard? I'll send one back!
Unfortunately I don't think it shows all the really awesome gc when you first join Wrapp. ): ** I just realized I was really unspecific. When you just add new people as your friends, it doesn't show the best GC right away. I remember i got a few of my friends/coworkers to join and we couldn't give each other Sephora gc at first... If you've been friends with these people, and you're new to wrapp, you can still give them things

Saw this palette on sale last night when I was in the midst of buying an inexcusably expensive eyeshadow quad.  This looks so pretty, and I am sure I would get good use out of some of the colors, but I have that wasteful jerk of a problem where I already own too many eyeshadows.  I cannot really justify it, even for $17, after buying yet more eyeshadows yesterday.  If you are not overloaded on shadows, though, it looks like a great buy.

I bought this palette and it's one of the best I've seen!  The shadows are not as heavily pigmented as I usually like but very nice colors and I think I'll get lots of use out of it.

And its sold out now. Hope everyone got one when they had the chance!
They'll probably restock, since Sephora goes through multiple restocks of an item. But I'm definitely glad I grabbed it the first round
Hmmm, the description said it was "colors of summer" so not so sure about restocking.  The fall one is out and it's beautiful in pics, lots of metallics, but it's $48.00.

I don't think it'll be restocked either. They have a new palette out. I watched a few YouTube reviews on this and overall, the palette seems pretty good. Happy I snagged one! Which reminds me, no,more eye shadow purchases til next year!

Really wanted one =/ had it in my cart already and got caught up doing something else. By the time I went back to purchase they were gone..sigh

Was about to buy this last night then i saw it was OOS.

I saw it last night in Sephora I should have just bought it there. Alas!

Originally Posted by probabyl /img/forum/go_quote.gif

If any of you ladies are still wanting it, it looks like it's back in stock!


The reason I thought it would be restocked is because Sephora has warehouses everywhere. Since it was the first time the product was OOS and they're obviously trying to get rid of them, I was pretty sure they had more and just temporarily pulled it off the site so they wouldn't oversell their stock and be screwed.

They've been trying to get rid of their Tarina Tarantino and TokiDoki stuff for a while now... and they still keep restocking those on sale.


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