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Feb 5, 2008
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Anyone else seen this amazing looking palette?

It seems to have a really nice mix of neutrals, darks, brights and lights - well rounded! I saw it in the latest issue of Allure (August 2012 with Kate Beckinsale on the cover) and they also had a makeup artist breakdown how to wear every shade. Very cool feature, much more in depth than a lot of magazines get and even if you don't have or plan to get this palette it gave some good ideas for colour combos if you're in a rut or need inspiration!

I would definitely consider this one but I'd wanna swatch in store first... to pay that much it would have to be great quality stuff. But the reviews on Sephora look promising!

The payout is great. The texture is good. I played with it while I was in Vegas and said when I got home I'd buy it from the local Sephora yet have done so.

I don't know about all the colors but the top two in the left column and the four blues in the 2nd to last column plus the last two greens in the last column as well as the black in the center are deeply pigmented.

I've heard the payoff is hit and miss.  I haven't been to a Sephora in a while, but I would like to see it myself in person.   It's such a gorgeous looking palette, though, with what I think are some more interesting colors than most. 

The only thing that bugs me about these palettes is that they are gigantic and not really something I have the space to store.  I also travel a fair bit, and that's not something you would want to lug around with you.  Part of the beauty is all the white space, but that's also taking up a ton of space too!

It's actually not that large, yes it's larger than most palettes and it's not something I'd take with me on vacation, but it's still I would say as wide as a NAKED palette and make 2 to 2 1/2 NAKED tall. I'm still considering buying this (as if I need another palette I'll use only once or twice). If anyone does buy it... SWATCHES!

Really useful swatch video, thanks! That chartreuse shade in the last row looks GORGEOUS!


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