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May 2, 2006
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the sales are starting today and i was so excited because i had an offer of 20% off my order the first 4 days in all the sephora stores or online, including the products already on sale !

so i ordered a few items

-My babiii mascara in cyber blue (for 1€ !!)

-a cute palette i had my eyes on since last summer, and only cost me 5€. i got good reviews on it, apparently the cream e/s don't have a long staying power, but for that i trust my UDPP

-3 samples of my choice : a cream from Kenzoki, Lancôme absolue premium (don't know what it is, just looked good lol) and something called dermanew (a mask for dehydrated skins i think).

french girls, they put on sales all their brushes (not the professional line with the grey handle though). if you need to start or even build a collection most of the brushes are sold for 3€ or 5€ it's worth the look

(i'd give you my -20% code but i don't know if it's personal or not).

yes i got a coupon in my mail (really girls, i am so glad i have the gift card ! great thing for a makeup junkie).

i received the package wednesday, the palette is so cute ! i haven't tested the colors but they're gorgeous. not mentioning i finally have another color of blush than pink.

today i went to the mall with my mom and bro to do some grocery shopping and of course, i had to stop by the sephora store. well, i found they were selling those little babiii mascaras for 1€ each. i got the green and the purple, the only colors i didn't have.


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