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May 13, 2005
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i was thrilled to attend the sephora annual shades of beauty event! i had the best time yet! they had lisa price, creater of carol's daughter products; dr. susan taylor, creater of rx for brown skin; and my favorite beauty editor in the world, miss mikki taylor from essence magazine! i thought i was in the mist of skincare and beauty royalty! honey, i wore sephora out! this is what i got:

carol's daughter tui herbal shampoo

carol's daughter almond cookie cleansing gel

carol's daughter hair mile

carol's daughter shea butter souffle' in groove

rx for brown skin defend and protect sunscreen - spf 15

this was the free gift for attending the event!

huge sephora tote bag

sephora slumber mask

trial size carol's daughter candy paint lipgloss

trial size rx for brown skin clear & even moisturizer

october issue of essence magazine (which i already had at home, but i did get mikki taylor's autograph in the new one!)

sephora key chain

cell phone mirror and charm

a mini bottle of champagne!

man, that is a mega haul! this is my second time attending the shades of beauty event and i will never, ever miss it! i had the best time ever!

that is amazing you got to keep this mag

enjoy your goodies

Originally Posted by michal_cohen /img/forum/go_quote.gif that is amazing you got to keep this mag
enjoy your goodies

thanks michal!

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