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Mar 7, 2005
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i am sooo excited because i think i've found a few staples!

at sephora, i bought...

  • nars lipstick in honolulu honey
  • nars blush in orgasm
  • bourjois levres contour in universelle 22
  • stila blush in hint
i love ALL of them!
the nars lipstick is very moisturizing and is just a pretty color. i can't describe colors, so i won't even try LOL i'd say it's a peachy-beige.

i finally gave in and bought orgasm. when i heard it looked just like milani's luminous, i bought that and wasn't satisfied, but i decided to get it and i LOVE it. it adds an instant glow to my face. it's PERFECT.

the lipliner is exactly what i've been looking for. describes it as "flesh" and that's it. when i colored my lips in, it didn't cover them completely like a concealer, but definitely lightened my lips up enough, which i wanted. the downfall was that the point broke right away, but i sharpened it and it's fine. it looks HOT with the honolulu honey over it. i wanted stila's nude, but sephora doesn't seem to carry it. this will do, though

hint is also a staple. this is a gorgeous, every day blush. of course, i won't even bother to describe the color LOL maybe trish can!

today in swaps, i got...

  • MAC's lipstick in deceptive
  • MAC's lipstick in blankety
  • MAC's lipstick in hug me
i'm not sure how i feel about these. deceptive turns out sort of orange on my lips. blankety is a nice, pinky-beige that i like. hug me is just too dark for me, i think. i wanna try all of these with my new liner, though, and i'll see how it goes. otherwise, i'll be swapping them.
Nice haul Jen! Now you make me wanna check out the lip liner & the honey lipstick!

I've never tried NARS lipsticks before but next time I'm at Sephora I'll definitely check them out. You perked my interest in the Honolulu Honey color. Your staples sound nice! I like NARS Orgasm blush too.

nice haul! i'm on the ebay hunt for nars blushes. lol.

does anyone know how milani blushes are? good or no?

Originally Posted by lizzyb831 nice haul! i'm on the ebay hunt for nars blushes. lol.
does anyone know how milani blushes are? good or no?

Haven't tried them... but the eyeshadows are really nice, so I'm sure the blushes can't be too bad either!
I'm sure someone on here has tried them.
thanks, girls!

lizzy, i have luminous, which is a lot like orgasm, but not really there, and the reason why i hate it is because it's SO pigmented. with barely one swipe, you look way overdone. i have fair-light skin, though, so maybe on your skin it'd look gorgeous. it's $3, so if you don't like it, no biggy.

Originally Posted by Trisha Cool haul!! I cannot even picture hint! I own like 2 Stila pwdr blushes and rarely wear them! The cream cheek products are far more popular so we tend to wear them more! i was thinking of getting the cream ones, but i hate cream blushes, so i got this instead.

Originally Posted by Trisha I have one NARS l/s and love it, but the taste! Yuck! What do you think of it Jennifer? which one do you have? i plan on getting belle du jour next. it's gorgeous! i didn't find any funny taste at all and i licked my lips to see LOL
here's the blush...


the color's kinda dull, but it looks nice on my light skin. it's an every day blush, which i was looking for, without it looking orange/too dark on my cheeks.