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Aug 24, 2007
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Skins that are marked by uneven coloration, hyper pigmentation and sun damage will take on a more uniform color and appearance as new cells make their way to the surface

Therapy systems is providing Skin care products and also giving free advices for skin care tips and skin care routine. Very often the two terms are used interchangeably. Glycolic acid works very simply. Due to its low molecular weight (the size of its molecules is very small), it rapidly penetrates through the outermost layer of the skin where dead and useless cells collects removing those cells and the glue that holds them to the surface of the skin. By doing this, it forces new cells to the surface of the skin that look and act younger thereby improving the overall texture and appearance of the skin.

Therapysystems not only deals in serious skin care and other beauty products but are also providing free consultation and awareness for serious skin care. These tips are freely available on their web site.

Serious skin care needs complete awareness about your skin type and the external effects your skin is facing like sun light or aging. Different types of skins needs different type of medication. Also different effects can be minimized through different solutions.

Even if you are not interested in therapysytems product, it is always good have their web site visited to get valuable information related to skin care products and skin care solutions and tips.

Why is this important? As our bodies age the process of cellular renewal slows down reducing the skin’s ability to repair itself. As this happens, the collagen and elastin fiber break down allowing wrinkles and lines to appear. By forcing new cells to the surface of the skin through rapid exfoliation with glycolic acid, the skin looks and acts younger because the lines and wrinkles are ‘plumped’ up by the new cells.

Overall this process also improves skin function as well. New cells function better, congested pores are relieved and color and youthfulness are returned to a lackluster skin.


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