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Aug 2, 2005
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Does anyone know how to get sexy lean arms? I am trying to tone up my arms, but dont know how and the correct ways to do it? Right now it is all wrapped with fat
( it looks like a chicken drumstick><) and I am scared that if I do anything to it, it will bulk up and get all muscular and thick. Also, how can I make both arms even size? Right now my right arm ( my dominant side) is comewhat thicker and toner (aside from the fat) than the left one! Any suggestions?
i don't think you could really get the to be exatcly the same. it's probably that way because you use your right arm more.

if you don't want bulk, do lighter weights but more repititions. but you have to work until "failure", when you're strugling to do the last rep.

something that i think about when working my upper body is this:

PUSHING excercises work your triceps and chest.

PULLING excercises work your biceps and upper back.

you work out other muscles, but those are the main parts that people know.

I don't know if you can make both them equal. In one of my dance classes my instructor suggests we do 1 or 2 extra on the opposite of your dominant side. Maybe that will help?



Hi there!!

Your first and most important step is to eat healthy, and you will have to lose some of that weight from your arms before you can tone them. That is exactly what the girls at work are doing before our BIG CHRISTMAS PARTY. Every year they go on a diet 2 mos before our Christmas Party. They lose about 10 lbs, then they do their tricep excercises. Push chair up against wall, put bum at the very edge of the chair put palms on either side of butt and making sure chair is securely against wall, stretch your legs out in front of you and slowly lower your butt off of chair with your palms only and slowly lift your bum back up, leaving your heals firmly on the floor (legs straight out in front of you)....use your palms and the strength of your arms to pull yourself up. Make sure you have a good chair that is against the wall securely and has very strong legs that won't slip. You will definitely feel the burn in your arms.




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