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Sep 27, 2003
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Shape came out with their first workout DVDs that include total body toning programs (abs, Butt & hips & thighs plus a bonus workout).
Thanks Reija! I checked out the site, and found this below - it sounds really great, especially to get a Britney Spears stomach (LOL - I don't like her much, but I want a toned gut!). Complete Weight-Loss and Muscle-Toning Programs Introducing the first DVD workouts from SHAPE. Quick, easy-to-follow, fat-burning programs proven to trim, tone and sculpt your abs, butt, hips and thighs. These hip, hot, state-of-the-art, cardio and muscle-toning routines are based on years of SHAPE's scientific research. These workouts take the best of SHAPE magazine and make it available in an interactive DVD. Expert fitness instructors Lisa Wheeler and Tracy York will motivate and inspire you through original, cutting-edge programs. <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=650 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>SHAPE...Your Abs* Hosted by certified fitness instructor, Tracy York 35-minute, Circuit-Style Cardio Routine Four, 5-minute Targeted Ab Routines SHAPE...Your Butt, Hips & Thighs Hosted by certified fitness instructor, Lisa Wheeler 35-minute, Dance Cardio Routine Two, 12-minute Lower-Body Routines BONUS WORKOUT!* Each DVD includes a 12-minute, total body blitz </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>


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