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Jun 17, 2004
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mostly, im curious about:

1. your hair removal method of choice

2. any experiences w/ nair.

3. have you tried the veet bladeless razor "system," and how did you fare?

i dont know about you guys, but i wish my leg hair would just quit growing in! i usually shave, but its a big pain. im considering the veet foam thing, but i dont want to shell out $8 for something thats useless.

BF has a back hair problem (eww, right?) and he finally let me nair him after years of looking at his lupine back. gah!

i bought the sensitive skin formula, and did a patch test on my own arm. (he would never forgive me if i patch tested him and it burned. it would scare him off forever. he wept like a baby man when i bleached his hair out once.) it removed the hair really well on my arm, it didnt burn, and it only stank minimally.

the last time i used nair was when i was about 12, and it stank to high heaven, and didnt do a darn thing. this time, it was a wonder cream. i patch tested his inner elbow, and after that i did his whole back. it took off all of the hair and was pretty impressive. three days later, his entire back broke out.
theyre not ingrown hairs, so i dont know whats going on. my arm never broke out, so im wondering if this is pretty rare, or if this has happened to any of you!

to quote eddie from ab fab, "that dilapidatory cream is no good at all."


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