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Jun 13, 2004
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Dilemma Of The Week: Shimmer vs. Sheen: What's the right cream shadow for me?

by Deborah Grayson

I'd love to brighten up my eyes using a shimmery eye shadow, but they seem to make my eyelids appear crepey and accentuate the small wrinkles around my eyes. These shadows look so pretty in their containers! Is there any way I can wear them?

Look for products that contain the word "sheen" and not "shimmer." There are stunning arrays of glossy shadows to choose from; it's an invaluable distinction once you're noticing softness or wrinkles in your eyelids. This is because a shimmering texture seems to exaggerate small wrinkles, making them appear overstated and grainy, while the uniformity of a sheen gives the appearance of smoothing wrinkles out, creating, conversely, a hazier luster. Now that you're aware of the difference, you're ready to look for a product that features sheen only, not the dreaded shimmer. I've included a list of my favorites at the bottom of the article. Once you have the right product, just follow these steps for a pearly, glossy look:

<LI>Go to your favorite makeup boutique or cosmetics counter and tell the consultant exactly what your needs are: You want a glossy reflective-sheen eye shadow, not a shimmer. Choose a color that matches your skin tone and has pinkish-yellow undertones if you're light skinned, or peachy-coral undertones if you're dark skinned.

<LI>Before applying your shadow, clean your eye area of any debris or leftover makeup residue, then moisturize with a quality eye cream. Pat gently around the lower eye, just above the cheekbone.

Apply the shadow across your lid, just below the brow bone, or in a thin line below the lower lash line. The beauty of this kind of neutral sheen is that there's not much strategy as far as placement goes. Just pat it on where you would like to see some glistening activity, and you're set!

Recommended Products:

Product name: Ramy Beauty Therapy Studio Stick in Luminosity or Hint of a Tint

This creamy, sheer gel stain shadow gives a lustrous glow, is long wearing and can even be used to highlight the cheeks or lips. Perfect for reclaiming your twinkle!

Price: $26


Product name: Make Up For Ever Shadow in #755

A stunning peach-apricot oil-based cream shadow that gives a moist, satiny sheen. Can be used alone, layered over another color or even blended with your eye cream. Also available in a stick or a delicious 12-color palette.

Price: $16


Product name:Urban Decay Cream Eye Shadow in Shag

This pretty dusty-rose shadow has the consistency of cake frosting. It leaves a dewy, sexy and sweet luster on your lids.

Price: $16


Product name: Clinique Touch Base for Eyes in Up-Lighting

A luminous basic beige that can be used alone or under a shadow as a base to brighten with delicate shine. This product is sheer, with a silky bit of sheen.

Price: $13.50


Product name: Stila Shadow Pots in Honey

Four creamy shades that can be used on eyes, cheeks or lips to create a variety of looks from subtle to dramatic. This shimmery cream dries to a powdery finish that wears beautifully.

Price: $20



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