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Mar 20, 2008
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I'm looking for the shiniest topcoat that money can buy. I want my nails to look wet when they're done drying. I currently use Seche Vite, and it's 'okay', but it doesn't give me that high shine/gloss that I'm looking for. I like the look of when someone has gel polish on, for some reason the topcoat for gel polish is super glossy and that's the look I want, without getting gel nails. It's just a hassle that I don't care to deal with... 

So who's got the shiniest topcoat??

I don't know if it's the shiniest but I love "Out The Door".  It's my go to top coat. Even in the low lite of my office they are very glossy. 

Hope that helps :)

I remember Salon Hansen's Instadri Top Coat being shiny as hell. I don't use it very frequently since it's not ACTUALLY instantly dry, but when I did my coworker's nails and used that topcoat, my boss through she went and got gel done in a salon it was so shiny.

I agree that Sally Hansen Insta-Dri is a great and very shiny topcoat. I do nail art about twice a week and I use this topcoat, it dries really quickly and really shiny!

CND’s Super Shiney High-Gloss Top Coat is very shiny. If you are wearing a polish that is naturally shiny it will boost the shininess as well.

I usually use Essies Good To Go topcoat, it does leave my nails pretty shiny

At Sally's, there is a top coat called 'It's Wet' and it makes polish look very shiny.

I second the votes on Out the Door and Sally's Insta-dry. Both are pretty shiny. I like OTD better because it dries faster. But if you want shine over dry time then Sally's.