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Jan 30, 2006
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*waves* first thing..i haven't posted here in AGES. my excuse: school killed me and the last thing i wanted to do was put on/think about makeup. i've been miserable and depressed with the load of work at school...but thank goodness i'm in my last year =o



i noticed that models have this 'shiny leg' look.

i looked up online and found this

i was thinking of using baby oil...has anyone tried this? how long will the shininess last...will i constantly have to reapply? (i'm thinking for a photshoot).

will it also stain stuff O_O

baby oil would work, or even moisturiser if it's thinnish, rather than really creamy.

I know exactly what you mean about school man, I hear ya!

This is what I'm planning to buy next summer that'll hopefully give me a shiny leg look: Summer Shine Body Lotion

I can't stand the feel of baby oil on my body, so I hope this'll work. Maybe it'll be what you're looking for too!

yeeah baby oil is waaay too greasy for me >_<

where did you hear about that product from? recommendation? do you know how oily it is/

coco butter cream would work as well...and you can get some with glitters in it....looks absolutely wikid!

I'd use Johnson & Johnson's Baby Oil's a little thicker than regular baby oil but it'll still give you an awesome shine.

or, you want to splurge you can check out some dry oil, i know Holt-renfrew carries it, and come to think of it, sephora has a bottle on sale. ALot are shimmery so you get that nice effect with out the grease HTH

I know benefit has one called body so fine. It leaves them pretty and shimmery and shiny.

This flirtatiously scented balm is pure body seduction. Slip some on to arms, legs, decollete, anywhere you want luminescent luxury. The silky velvet finish is slightly naughty and totally irresistible...its all you will want to wear!

Have you tried solid body butter from Lush cosmetics...?

"the Soft touch" is my fave,it's very moisturising and make skin gleaming healthily

any type of body oil should work. even vaseline. i would look for something a bit heavier because light oils my be absorbed more quickly.

i used to use the j&j baby oil when i used to go out at night. It just really helps you stand out in a crowd. It did get on my clothes sometimes but i never had a problem getting it off