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Oct 5, 2003
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Ever have one of these? Buyer's remorse, or as I call it- a Shopping Hangover. When you find yourself destroying the receipt for the $120 face cream and $80 foundation- or putting the expensive ass products in your empty Oil of Olay jars so that nobody notices, therefore nobody asks how much you spent or said "Shopping AGAIN?!" The worst I've done (so far!!) is accidentally forgetting where I put reciepts, and rendering it impossible to return the boots I purchased (and theyre so hot, OMG- black stiletto heels that zip up to the knee- how could I NOT???) and um, shaving about $30 off the the total when hubby asks how much the damage was (I think he's catching on tho- darn the online banking!!!) So what's YOUR worst? And has it ever backfired?
I can definitely relate to your message....before you know a couple of hundred is gone for product or 2 and you wonder why you bought them in the first place because they don't seem to be working any better than the cheaper ones. Did you buy them to feel more luxurious at the time and be excited about putting your expensive cream on, only to have the excitement were off a couple of days later and swear you are never going to do that again.....and then you see an add for some miracle $100 foundation that you have to have a week later and your previous product going in the trash to be replaced by the new prodcut...Shopping for makeup and skincare and the money you spend doesn't mix with men.....I've had to explain myself too many times why I bought something and men don't understand the whole concept of us women having to buy all these different products. Our hubbies forget that the reason their wife still looks decent is because of all the time and money she spends on these endless products and how they make her look and feel. I avoid the whole subject of how much everything costs but like you said that darn online banking!!!! I hate it!! You can't do anything without your hubbie being on your trail! haha It's actually a good thing for me cuz I've come to realize that I don't need the $100 face cream that I'm ok with the $20 dollar one although it doesn't make me feel the same. I like the expensive products and being able to buy them!!! I never had skin problems until I started trying the less expensive stuff. My mom spend big $s on her face products (and her skin looks awesome!) and her and I would always talk about it how dad never new the real price....all the things us women do to look good for ourselves and our husbands and then face the consequences later and dodge the bullets coming from the hubby wondering why you went shopping again!

I experience the same feeling, but for a little different reason. Granted, sometimes I lay down too much cash for one or two things, but I can't drop more than $40 bucks on any face/makeup product! What I usually do is buy a lot of lesser priced items then wonder how the heck I spent so much! And even though they say you can return any makeup product, it's such a pain in the rear to do it (I think) that I rarely do it!

Hehee, when its time to buy new cleansers and toners, I usually try to blend it in with the groceries so that its not so obvious that I bought even more skincare stuff. I know I'm not the only one who does this!
Originally Posted by Girlie Girl OMG.........YES I KNOW THIS!!! Hangovers....sheesh. Goin out and droppin' like 2 bills for some stuff that I know will last only a few months. I bought some MAC foundation (I think it's MAC) the other day plus 6 lipsticks and some skin care products. Whoppping 2 bills I tell ya!! Someone bring me some alka-seltzer Damn, girl- you dont have to scream it, lol

i don't go crazy with my spending, cuz basically i can't...but i do know the feeling of feeling a bit regretful after a big haul. but then i look at all my new goodies and get of it

Lucky you. As much as I regret spending so much money, I miss it when I dont. Therapeutic Shopping, hehe.

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