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May 6, 2004
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Just found a website (i think its new) but its a sister website to (where i buy all my cd's & dvd's at lower prices than in stores)..

Anyway, its, the do jewellery, make up, skincare & lingerie & offer FREE Delivery worldwide, no minimum order!

I was a bit disappointed at the make up section, they only have a few (and i mean a few) items from each brand. But maybe if you've something in mind, you should check it out. The prices seem reasonable, they're in UK£ so i cant really compare but im gonna go back later & do some calculations.

Just thought i'd let ye girls know about it!

And of course, im assuming y'all know already about that offers FREE shipping worldwide too with discounted prices (well they're discounted compared to what we pay for MAC in Ireland!)

Happy Shopping

K, i just checked prices & the Chanel quads are 23% cheaper than stores & £2GBP cheaper than strawberrynet! So i know where i'll be buying my chanel quads from now anyway! Must go do more calculations. Just wish they had MORE products. Hopefully in time, they'll add more

Thanks for the post! I checked the site out. I'll remember the site next time I need something.


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