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Nov 16, 2012
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Putting this request before the court:

I realized that I don't have any brown or black pencil eyeliners. I do have liquid and cream, but not pencil.

I do find myself wanting to use a pencil now and then to get more of a smudge-y look than a cream or liquid can usually give me, and I have a hard time getting powder eyeshadow into the right spot on my lid with a brush.

Is this a reasonable excuse for buying two new eyeliners?

imo, no, is there anyway you can combine the cream and a powder that matches it to achieve the smudgey look?

Well, I usually like to draw on my water line with a pencil, which is a lot harder with a brush (you wind up poking your eye).

Right, gotcha, I guess it depends on what your standards for your no buy are. On mine, this would absolutely not be allowed, but other people would. So I know you want our advice, but I guess my advice is set out the terms of your no buy and what you want to achieve, right them down, and follow that. If this is allowed under those terms, then go ahead and get those liners!

You're right -- I've been a little too nebulous about this process.

I think I am going to get at least one (maybe a dark brown) and have my rules be essentially that when I run out of a specific product I may buy more, but that that doesn't work for individual colors.

Good luck! I spent almost a year trying to do a no buy without truly defining what I was doing to myself. As of this month, I've written it down and promised myself a (non makeup) reward if I make it a full six months, and that has helped a lot. Seeing the terms of it rather than just thinking about them makes it much easier for me.

That's true. As a quick update, I went to the store and had them in my hands and then went and put them back.

I felt fine about it.

I think it's too easy to fall prey to loopholes at this point -- and thank you for your advice.


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