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I like it, and I think it'd look good on you.. the only thing I would say is that, having had a fringe/bangs like that before, I found them REALLY irritating, but they did look good!

I think what you have now looks good, but the new hairstyle is not bad either!
I guess what I'm saying is that you can't really go wrong.

It isn't that much different except for the bangs and it is only hair, it grows back so yes do it!

I say both would look good but the bangs on the second are lighter and whispier (is that a word). I like that it frames the face with shorter layers. Try it and post a pic for us.

I think thats a very pretty hairstyle. Maybe talk to your hairstylist, b/c some cuts dont work (some hairstyles look so bad on me, and take so much work b/c my hair waves in weird places). I hope it works for you, its a pretty style.

Originally Posted by S. Lisa Smith /img/forum/go_quote.gif The first one is me. Should I change my hairstyle to the second? What do you think, be honest. Thanks! It is a very cute hairstyle and you can pull if off. But, since there is face framing, you need to like your neck.

i say go for it, it isnt terriably diffrent grom your hair currently but it will add another dimention to your hair, plus layers are fun to play with

and idk if you have ever tried wearing your hair wavy but it looks so prety with hair styled wavy


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