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Aug 25, 2006
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How often should I wash them?

I use my face brush for my mineral foundation aswell as my powder. Should I wash them after every use or wouldnt it matter, I just thought since Im using 2 products would it be better to wash afterwards so its not mixing each time?


I (baby) shampoo and condition my brushes once week. I use brush cleaner by Ben Nye in between the shampoo/conditioning.

You condition your brushes?? I've never heard that before! Does that make a big difference?

Originally Posted by Leza1121 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Hi,
I (baby) shampoo and condition my brushes once week. I use brush cleaner by Ben Nye in between the shampoo/conditioning.

Eek I only wash mine once a week, maybe I should more often. I'd be afraid of wearing them out more quickly that way though.

Does it matter how often you should clean them depending on your skin type? I have very dry skin, and I don't know if this means I don't have to wash them as often, since my skin doesn't hold as much oil, and probably wouldn't have to worry about as much bacteria. But that sounds just as wrong as it could be right. Anyone know?

Generally I was mine once a week with MAC brush cleaner. Sometimes, I wash them daily.

Utmostrose, I've never heard of skin types making a difference.

Burshes you use for yourself once a week should be adequate. Brushes I use on clients I was everytime I use them.

I always wash my eye brushes after I use them so that I get a clean application the next time. I'm particularily careful with my liner brushes because creme liner tends to harden in the bristles.

I wash my powder and blush and bronzer brushes once a week while my foundation and concealer and eye brushes are washed after every use.

In between uses, I wipe my brushes with baby wipes. I clean with the Mac brush cleanser about every 3-4 days.

Hmm interesting replies, I just thought cus Im using 2 products with the same brush that next time im applyin I still have some 2nd product in the brush when Im applyin the first But then again it should be alright as Its not as if Im using a big amount of either product. Maye a shake and tap would and rub with a clean dry towel will remove any excess in the brush.

I'll aim to wash them once a week depending on how much usage they get

since you are using the brush for a dry powder vs. something liquid it doesn't build up that much bacteria so you don't have to wash it as often depending on usage

I was my brushes once a week or so, foundation brushes sometimes more. I wouldn't wash them everyday if you're just using them on yourself, I think that might be hard on the brushes.

Also, if you're having a problem with products mixing together after each use, just take a towel or a rag and rub the old product off before applying the new one, it works like a charm.

Wow lol. I only use two brushes, one for bronzer and one for blush. I haven't washed them for a month. I should do that tonight. My face is always clean when I apply them and I never have trouble getting the true color of my blush on my face.

i wash my foundation brush everyday. the rest once per week. if i need a quick clean i use mac brush cleaner.


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