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Feb 28, 2007
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I think this is a cute idea. Show us pics of your most prized wardrobe items. It doesn't have to be all of it, but if you love the whole thing, why not.

My wardrobe is pretty plain, I used to be a t-shirt, jeans, flip flop girl, but I've stepped it up. I bought some things last week, and although this is a Haul, I'd like other MUTers to add their items too. Bags, shoes, tops, whatever.

Also, it'd be a good idea if they were attachments. In case there's lots of pics and we can just click on one at a time. Or not,

Sorry,I think all of my clothes are my faves, (most of them anyway) I have yet to wear some of the tube tops. Or shoes.

I got carried away.

Oh wow Im in love with your wardrobe!! You have awesome clothes what can I say lol and those shoes wow and even the warmer-uppers haha. I need to buy new batteries for my camera, even my rechargeables are dead, I will take some pictures when I get them, I think this is a totally awesome idea
. Who doesnt love showing off their favorite stuff lol.

DID YOU EVEN KNOW?!?!?! i was going through some boxes of pre-baby clothes and found everything i hold near and dear to my heart, and was going to post pics of my most prized closet possessions!!!! now i totally am. i swear!!!

lol cute idea. Should we post pics of our entire closet, or just our favorite items?

okay... my husband kicked me out of the bedroom and refused to let me take pictures of my belongings in the name of sleep. i didnt get to pants, purses, and shoes!!!

in order- excuse everything looking all scraggly, but i just pulled most of them out of a box last week.

cavalli jean skirt (as posted earlier in H&M thread)


arden b. black lace top knite acetate dress with handkerchief hem


arden b. green silk cumberbon style dress


Ralph Lauren red silk bias cut dress


Ralph Lauren Shimmer Black jersey knit dress


Versace sheer black acetate top with snakeskin loop strap, Gucci print silk top


Dolce & Gabbana sheer black acetate top with floral embroidery


Donna Karen Black silk wrap top with ruffled collar


The green dress is so pretty.

To Ashley, it's up to you, that wasn't my whole closet, but just the mostly non-boring crap I own. I think jeans are all the same to me, which is why I didn't take pics of those.

all this stuff looks way better on, or even spread out on the bed (husband in bed wouldnt let me). yep, love that green dress.

one day this will all fit me again.

I hate my clothes!! My mom buys them! (Yes at 22 almost 23 my mom buys my clothes) because I'm broke ass hell!! And she has no style at all!! I just want to throw them all outside and burn them!!

Do a Angela Bassett on they ass! When she was in the movie waiting to exhale.

lol MODIRTY! my closet looks almost exactly the same i think you would benefit from a shoe holder and purse hanger both that you can buy at bed bath and beyond for fairly cheap!!! i know i did!!!!


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