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Dec 14, 2003
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I wanted to give an explanation of Shu Uemura colors because the codes can be very hard to understand. This was compiled by a friend who is a Shu expert!





The numbering system can be a little confusing until you get used to it...


100's are Pinks and Roses;

200's are Oranges;

300's are Yellows, Golds and Bricks;

400's are Yellow/Greens and Olives;

500's are Greens and Turquoises;

600's are Blues;

700s are Purples;

800's are Beiges and Browns;

900's are everything else including Rainbow, White, Silver, Gray and



00-09 are misc (purple, beige, wine-gold, etc)

10-19 are Reds and Roses

20-29 are Wines

30-39 are Pinks

40-49 are Peachs

50-59 are Oranges

60-69 are Bricks

70-79 are Browns

80-89 are Ambers

90-99 are misc (gold and silver are the only ones I know of)

Thank you very much for the post!!! This is great! I love Shu Uemura! I started using it years ago when I still lived in Finland. I'm not currently using any Shu Uemura products so I'm due to buy some.
I liked their liquid foundation and I haven't seen it being sold here anywhere. I want to buy the loose powder because I've read so many raves about it.

I've only recently really gotten into Shu Uemura, I think the quality is the best. Not really sure where you are but if you go to their site they list where they sell Shu

I haven't tried the liquid foundation but I did use the Nobara when I was doing makeup professionally, its kind of heavy but excellent coverage. Its hard trying to figure out all their color codes so I hope this is helpful to you, I know I need it!

Thank you for the website URL! I didn't even think to check their website. They sell their products online! I didn't even know that. I don't think I've ever been on their site. It's just hard to match a foundation color over the web but I'll check the site out and maybe place an order.

Wished that Sephora would carry Shu Uemura makeup soon. They only carry the lash curler and mascara.

I agree with you Mac@40 they now have a new eye shadow formulation which looks really pretty.

Originally Posted by Mac@40 Wished that Sephora would carry Shu Uemura makeup soon. They only carry the lash curler and mascara.
That is the site where I bought some of my shu e/s. I love shu! excellent quality indeed!

I love my 3 Shu eye shadows! I can't wait to get back down to London to get some more.


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