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Dec 3, 2005
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Does anyone know how to get the eyeshadows & blushes out of the pots and into their palete?!? I'm on the verge of throwing these shadows an blush out the window, and set the palette on fire!!!

I surely don't, but since I only have two, that could be why I don't know... I'll poke around and see what I can find out

::: ETA ::: Okay, I just checked a site, and they say there's a small hole in the back of the e/s. So, you should be able to just poke a pin through the whole and pop it out. I peeled the label off the back of my ME Green 550, and it's in the top right hand side of the e/s (newer packaging).

They pop with a needle or something pointy. For that there should be little holes on the back. They palette comes with pieces of sticky tape, they're very thin, you need eagle eyes, lol

YAHOOO!!! I got it, I was losing my friggin mind!!!
i almost broke my thumbs trying to push these things out.

Thanks for the help ladies.

awsome! i was wondering that too, cause i saw them at nordstroms and was like how do you get them into the palletes?


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