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Jun 13, 2004
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Janelle, you were probably thinking this was a typo too. huh? Because I did. LOL Is Trine even a word? Oh gawsh, that sounds like something Jessica Simpsom would ask. LMAO!


Sign O' The Trine

By Kimberly McDonald

Who doesn’t love a trio? I mean we have the Three Musketeers, the Three Tenors...even the Holy Trinity. We use triumvirates in our every day life already: "Stop, Look, & Listen," "Snap, Crackle, & Pop," and don't forget the 3 Rs. The best things seem to come in trios so naturally, I went in search of some of the best triunes for the Manhattan girl on the go, and came up with (of course) three must-haves.

First stop, my absolute favorite salon: Warren Tricomi.

Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi have been in the lab working on the ideal hair care system. Their new trio of products, launching this month, is called Pure Strength. The "3-C System" promises to be the best friend your hair has ever had. The three-step system comes in three formulations (no points for guessing)...Normal, Fine and Dry.

First step – Cleanse. Warren-Tricomi warns, "Do not underestimate the value of a good cleanser for your hair." Bergamot is an essential component of each of the cleansers, with Yucca for extremely dry hair and Wheat Proteins for Fine hair. Each of the cleansers includes ingredients to soothe the scalp and cleanse the hair without stripping it of moisture.

Second step – Close. This is the integral step in the process, as it is the healing stage for the hair cuticle. This patented formulation instantly causes the hair cuticle to close and return to its strongest, healthiest form, while locking in the moisture. It leaves the hair shaft amazingly strong and protects it from damage due to coloring, from styling tools and products, or the elements. The process definitely rejuvenates the hair, and no matter which of the three formulas you use, you're treated to the refreshing scent of Wild Fig and Cassis.

Third step – Condition. Each formula has a built-in SPF that protects hair from sun damage while coating it with such luxurious ingredients as Avocado Oil and Wheat or Milk Proteins. This step insures fuller, silkier hair without weighing down our fabulous tresses.

This trio is a must have for every girl who desires a truly fabulous 'just left the salon' head of hair, every day. Available at all three Warren Tricomi Salons or at


The next on our program is the triplicate from Rodan & Fields.

The same two clinical dermatologists who brought us the Proactive System of infomercial fame, have now developed a line of skin care that is being sold at high-end retail outlets, such as Henri Bendel's in Manhattan.

Their three-step CALM system is ideal for anyone who has a slight tendency to break out, or who experiences redness in their skin. The promise of cleaner, clearer skin and reduced pores is one that this dynamic duo of dermatology has managed to keep.

Calm 1 is their facial cleanser. It's gentle yet effective in treating and preventing breakouts while soothing inflamed skin with Green Tea and Arnica.

Calm 2 is their specially formulated alcohol-free toner that helps unclog pores. With natural antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals, it not only reduces redness, but also helps restore a healthy pH balance.

Calm 3 is a lightweight lotion that is infused with Benzoyl Peroxide, which is an active ingredient in healing and preventing blemishes and redness.

You can be assured of clearer, healthier skin in about a week. Long term use can improve symptoms of Rosacea. For those on the go or anyone who wants to test-drive, the trio even comes in a convenient travel pack, which lasts about two weeks. Available online at

To round out this must have trilogy for the Manhattan girl-on-the-go we have our last trio. Well, it isn’t really a trio...its a Treo.

The Treo 650 is the new smartphone by palmOne. This incredibly small device that fits in your pocket has it all...a mobile phone, dual band radio, Palm OS organizer, souped up keyboard and high res. screen, wireless email and messaging, web browsing, and a digital camera as well as video capability. They even improved the battery, now removable, which has a much better life span. As if that isnt enough the 650 has Bluetooth, so you can use a wireless earpiece/headset and just leave your phone in your handbag or pocket; even allowing you to make calls via voice dialing.

Now you can use just one device to "get it all done." With everything integrated so nice and neatly into this sleek 312 MHz package, you can dial calls and address messages from your contact list, take a picture to share with a friend...all without jumping from one application to another. What's more, the Treo 600 is a digital dual-band phone that supports high-speed connectivity for wireless communication. It will become as indispensable to you as those new Gucci sandals or your favorite tube of DuWop's Lip Venom Gloss.

For more information on the Treo, log on to


That wraps up our triathlon. Maybe Goldilocks was freaked out by the trio she encountered, but we promise that you will find our threesome juuuuust right!


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