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Aug 9, 2007
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This is a silly question

I've have scarring on my back and I wanted to apply a special lotion on it.

How do I apply anything (including makeup) on my back if I live by myself?

I've posted this before but I need more answers....

Hmm, I don't know. However you could always try a cream or lotion that helps with scarring such as Palmer's Cocoa Butter. I think you can actually buy things that help you apply lotion to the back. As a suggestion you could always check out Bath and Body Works website and see whether they have anything. Otherwise I doubt anyone notices the scarring. Hope this helps...somewhat. Good luck girly!

For the lotion, you can try something like a back-scratcher. Put the lotion on there and rub it on your back.

Originally Posted by Savvy_lover /img/forum/go_quote.gif mm i can almost every part of my back with my hands.... Me too. Actually, I can reach ALL of my back
If you have a three way mirror like this:Mirror - Three-Way Hinged Mirrors

If you angle it correctly, one mirror will reflect your back and another will reflect that mirror, so that the mirror you are facing has a reflection of a reflection...of your back.

lol confusing.

The applicator tools look interesting... On a spur of the moment thing (like for sunburn treatment) I've used a spoon and put the lotion on the back of the spoon to get where it's painful to reach.

There are special lotion appliers for people who can't reach back areas. Another thing is to hold your elbow with your hand and put it over your shoulder to keep it there.


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