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Nov 13, 2006
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Happy Holidays---this is my time and excuse to really gaudy it up!! So what are the best colors this year for bags and shoes. Is everybody in the gold -the silver--or bronze? I am seeing more gold--what do you think??? Kookie

there seem to be a lot of coloured metallics around actually, like purple, blue, pink and green.

Personally I like broze and silver, not so much gold, but that is mainly because most of my jewellery is silver, so it matches better.

I think silver will never die out as the king of holiday metallics, followed by gold then bronze. Silver is a great winter colour, whereas bronze looks good with tanned skin and white clothing - definately more suitable for an australian christmas than for a wintery one.

But those are just my thoughts

I love everything metallic but my favorite is always silver. Just remember a little goes a long way with metallics

Originally Posted by KellyB /img/forum/go_quote.gif I love silver the best. Everything I own is silver or white gold. ditto for me (jewelry), kelly. for shoes i usually go for black satin.
Girl you go with the color that looks best on you and you won't go wrong. Wear that trend...don't let it wear you

I loveee silver, but i'm also really into colored metalics [[like the purple and blue mentioned earlier]]. But that's just what works for me. Find what you like and rock it!

I think they're all pretty versatile. I like silver with cool colours like teal, black, violet. Gold & bronze looks great with red, white, tan & turquoise. It depends on your skin tone and what colors you like to wear.


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