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Apr 9, 2007
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Dunno if this has been posted or not! I found it on! Seems very easy and I'm gonna try it tomorrow! =)


Smoky Eye Shadow Application Technique

In this tutorial I’m using black eyeliner and black, grey and white eye shadow. Whenever I do smoky eyes with these particular shades of eye shadow, I personally like to use shimmery eye shadows because I feel the effect is much sexier and not as dull looking as matte eye shadows. But you can use what ever kind of eye shadow you like in order to give you the effect you like the best.

Step 1.

First I use a very soft pencil eyeliner to make a thick line around my eyes. Be sure to make the line a bit thicker on the outer corners of the top eye lids.


Step 2. Next I use my finger to rub a shimmery grey eye shadow across my upper eye lids and just past the crease of my eyes. I also use my finger to smudge the eye liner as I apply the eye shadow to soften and blend the eyeliner a little into the eyeshadow.



Step 3.

Next I use a smudge brush to apply and to smudge a shimmery black eye shadow into the crease of my eye and to the upper and lower lash lines. I do this because it will soften the eye liner even more and this is what creates the smoky eye effect. It’s a good idea to go lightly with applying the black eye shadow and then build up the intensity until you’re happy with how much you have on. I personally don’t like to make the shadow too dark, but again it’s all up to personal preference.


Step 4. Then I highlight my brow bone with a very light dusting of shimmery white eye shadow.


Step 5.

Last but not least, I apply black mascara to my upper and lower lashes and I’m done!

QUICK TIP: Finish this look with a nude or clear gloss on your lips. The main attraction should be your eyes.


Pretty BEFORE… Dazzling AFTER


Practice at home till you get comfortable with this look. I also like to use plum, wine and brown eye shadows for even more seductively sexy smoky eyes.

Until next time… stay dazzling!

(source: the dazzling girl)