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Feb 17, 2004
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Skin & Body Freebies, Samples & Deals

Try new skin care without the commitment, beautify your bod and more with the special deals below: All offers subject to change without notice.


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Rembrandt - Free Samples and discounts

And you thought you had to pay to become a VIP? Not with this special offer from Rembrandt, not only is your VIP membership complimentary, but you will receive product updates, discounts on new products and most importantly FREE samples. Now if that doesn't bring on a beautiful smile, nothing will.

Bikini Zone - Free Coupons and Special Offers

Bikini season is here, but before you hit the beach make sure you protect yourself. Join Bikini Zone's mailing list to qualify for free coupons, special offers and tips, so you can have a comfy summer.

Natrol - Free Samples and Discounts

So why should you become a member of Natrol's Nutrition Club? Because you'll get the latest nutrition updates and also get to play doctor because Nutrition Club members have the opportunity to help develop new nutrition products and provide input. Then there's the free samples of popular products, plus you become eligible to be a "Web Winner" and can win $100 worth of free Natrol products. If that's not incentive enough, winners get their name featured on the Nutrition Club Winner of the Week page.

Slim-Fast Soups - Coupon

A meal replacement doesn't have to be a yucky protein shake. With Slim-Fast's hearty meal replacement soups, your meal replacement can be a real meal. Just sign on for a $5 coupon off your next purchase of Slim-Fast soups.

Olay Complete - Free Sample

Here comes the sun, and your chance to prepare for it. Just take the Olay survey to get a free sample of Olay Complete Defense moisturizer with SPF 30, so you can enjoy the sun without the guilt. <LI>

Lametco's New You - Free Sample

Watch your fresh, new skin surface as you use Lametco's New You Skin Rejuvenating System. Just enter your email address to request your trial sample of this age-defying system that keeps you looking younger.

Skin Deep III - Free Sample

Say hello to softer, smoother skin with this fresh new offer. Just fill in your information to qualify for a free sample of Skin Deep III, for a radiant glow.

Dove Lotion and Cleansing Pillows - Free Sample and Coupons

Feel the love with Dove sweet Dove<NOBR> ---</NOBR> or at least this sweet offer from Dove. It's a virtual skin sampler treat with samples of Dove lotion or Cleaning pillows, plus 75c off any four or more Dove Exfoliating Beauty Bars and $1.00 off any 12 oz. or larger Dove Exfoliating Body Wash. Just sign on, take a little survey and qualify for free samples.

Neutrogena - Free Guide Book And Video

African-American skin is blessed with natural protection that helps preserve a natural glow, but, it's also prone to uneven pigmentation and other conditions. Find out the beauty secrets of popular TV actors along with advice for African-American skin and hair care from dermatologists in this special package from Neutrogena.


PHisoderm - Free Samples

What's better than being able to zap away your zits before a date? Why, being able to zap them away for free of course! Just sign up for PHisoderm's newsletter, and you will qualify to receive samples, special offers and discover why they say four ways of getting rid of acne are way better than one!

Kemp's Carb Promise Ice cream - Discount Coupon

Who says you have to deny yourself favorite foods on a low card diet? Kemp's Carb Promise ice cream allows you to indulge in this low calorie treat with a sweet 75 cent off coupon toward your next purchase. Just fill in your mailing address to receive your coupon.

Egypt Wonder Quicktan - Free Sample

Time to get the bikini out of the deep freeze, and of course get a matching tan to go with it. Get a lovely bronzed look before hitting the beach with Egypt Wonder Quicktan. Request a free sample, but hurry because the number of samples each month is limited.

Playtex Beyond - Free sample

Looking for a tampon beyond expectations? Try new Playtex Beyond for colorful comfort to brighten up those icky days. Fill out a form to request a sample.

Walgreens - Online rebates

Who has the time to fill out forms and mail in rebates? Now you can do it by just sitting on your desk. Save time and don't miss out on savings for the stuff you need to buy anyway. This direct link tells you what rebate offers are available without waiting for a flyer, and you can also keep track of your rebates online.

Mentadent - Free Oral Care Kit

Get an upgrade on your dental care with this free offer of an Oral Care kit from Mentadent. Just call their toll free number at 1-800-723-6945, and take their automated survey to qualify.

Pepcid AC - Free Sample

Get rid of heartburn and acid indigestion with this free sample of maximum strength Pepcid AC. Just fill in their questionnaire to qualify and say goodbye to gassiness and heartburn.

Clerz Plus - Online Savings Coupon

Do you wear contacts? Well why not get a discount on your lens drops? With this offer form Clerz Plus Lens Drops, you get a printable coupon for savings up to $3.55 on 5ml, 8ml and 15 ml bottles. All you have to do is fill out the form below to access your coupon.

Promax Bar - Free Sample

Haven't jumped on to the Atkins low-carb bandwagon yet? Try and see if it works for you with the delicious free sample from Promax. Just click on the link to request a guilt-free sample of their nutritious Chocolate Peanut Butter Promax Carb Conscious bar.

Teen Freeway - Free Beauty Pack

There's nothing a girl likes better than a than a free goodie bag with all the stuff you really wanted to buy. To get this cool sample bag from Teen Freeway (ages 13 to 17), all you have to do is fill up the questionnaire and qualify for shampoos, cosmetics, personal products and more from all your favorite brands.

Neutrogena - Free Samples

Are you a new product fiend? Now you can actually reap the benefits of your quest for testing new products by becoming a product tester for Neutrogena. Fill out the survey, sign on to be a tester, and receive free product samples.


QUICKbleach - Discounted "Spring Cleaning & Power Bleaching" Package

It's spring! Time to clean your house out until it's spic-and-span.Treat your mouth to the same, but leave all the work to the experts at QUICKbleach, Manhattan's premier "cosmetic dental spa." Each package includes: Dental cleaning, a one-hour power-bleaching (teeth-whitening) treatment, and a daily whitening maintenance kit. For complete information on QUICKbleach packages, discounts and gift certificates, please call 212-308-5577 or visit

Heart Foods - Free sample

Get a healthy heart in a capsule with this five day supply of 15 Heart Food pills for a healthy circulatory system. Just fill the form above to avail of this popular blend of African Birdseye and East Indian Blend Cayenne, Garlic, Hawthorn Berries, Onion, Ginger and Lecithin.

Oral Care - Free samples

Work your way to a great smile with free samples from Oral Care. Sign up to become a product reviewer and you and your family can enjoy better oral care.

Edna Skin Care - Free sample

Pamper your skin with this special offer from Edna Skin Care. Just call the toll free number 1 (800) 536-3362 to request a FREE trial packet of these earth friendly products for younger, healthier skin.

Supersmile - Free sample

Want that great dazzling smile they always flash in toothpaste ads? Now you can try this product for free to see if it works. Just sign up to receive a free travel sized sample of Supersmile whitening toothpaste ($10 value), but you'll have to shell out $2.95 for shipping and handling.


Bodyshape - Free sample

Get a headstart on cellulite before the winter layers come off. Simply sign up to request a free trial sample of Hydroderm's Body Shape cellulite reducing body lotion. It also helps to diminish stretch marks, improve skin tone and gives you smoother skin. All yours for just $4.95 in shipping and handling.

Wisdom Herbs - Free sample

Here's a sweet deal you wouldn't want to pass. Simply sign on for some guilt-free indulgence. You can opt for a free sample pack of Stevia natural sweetener, or YerbaMate appetite suppressor.

Metabolife - Free sample

If you haven't been able to stick to you your New Years resolution to lose weight, there's still hope. Sign-up for Metabolife's new online newsletter, and receive a FREE 15-count of Metabolife Ultra. That should get you started.

Go Red Campaign - Free Red Dress Pin

As part of the Go Red Campaign, The American Heart Association is giving out a free Red Dress Pin, a symbol for women with heart disease. Call 1-888-MY-HEART to request a pin, an educational brochure, and a wallet card with heart-healthy tips.

Eucerinus - Free Samples

Fight winter blues with your glowing skin. Register to receive samples, special offers and product news from Eucerin skin care. Looking good sure makes it easier to bear the cold.

Biotherm - Free Sample!

Pamper your skin with a free BioVitamin skin care sample from Biotherm. There's no long survey to fill out either, just enter your email information and get a printable coupon for a free skin care sample, redeemable at your nearest Biotherm store.


Avon -- Free Shipping & More</FONT>

Try CelluSculpt, an anti-slimming treatment from Avon, and get FREE shipping with any $30 order, plus get a FREE gift with any $40 order at

Avon -- Free Stuff</FONT>

Get a free trial size of ANEW Clinical Line & Wrinkle Corrector with any order, plus get FREE shipping & a FREE gift with any $40 order.

Viactiv - Free Sample

Get your essential dose of daily calcium in a delicious new way with Viactiv soft calcium chews. Fill out the form to receive a sample pack containing two soft chews. It's their choice of flavor, so you'll be surprised with either two Chocolate Mint samples or one each in fruity Strawberry Cream and Orange Cream.

Prilosec OTC - Free Sample

Suffering from frequent heartburn? Complete this survey and find out if you qualify for a free sample of Prilosec OTC for heartburn relief.

Beyond Bodi Heat - Free Sample

This light, sleek body warmer is easy to use, can be applied to different body parts, and lasts up to 12 hours. It activates in just 20 minutes after application. Try it out by providing your email address and filling out the subsequent form.

Natural Formula -- Free Samples

Fill out your information and specify which products you would like to sample. Choose from Muscle Massage, After Sun Gel, Lip Balm, Foot Cream and more.

Calling all spa lovers in New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut!

Get great deals on spa treatments when you register with! Registration is free and you'll get info on exclusive monthly spa specials. Sign-up today!

Arlene Anna Skin Care Institute -- Samples & a Free Music CD

Complete and submit their Personal Skin Profile, and you'll receive product samples that match your skin type. In addition, for taking the time, you can also receive a soothing Music CD for only $5 plus a SASE. Learn more. -- Free Sample

Join their mailing list and request a sample packet of Psorialeve Skin Calming Cream. -- Free Sample

Free sample of skin care products for your specific skin type!

Coppertone -- Free Sample

Join Personal Performance, the webmagazine for active lifestyles and receive a free sample package of Coppertone, Clarins, Dr. Scholl's and Arin products. Joining also enters you in a contest to win a free Ford Thunderbird convertible!

Get Your Personal Perricone Prescription - Free Evaluation

</FONT>Tired of wrinkling? Take Dr. Perricone's quiz and let the author of The Wrinkle Cure give you a FREE skin evaluation. And for just $21.95, get a complete, in-depth, personalized prescription for a lifetime of younger-looking, radiant, healthy skin. Start by taking his quiz!

Mario Badescu Skin Care -- Free Sample

Stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Naomi Campbell have been fans of the luxurious, all-natural Mario Badescu skin care products for years. Click "consulting" and complete the questionnaire for samples personalized for your skin issues and type by a Mario Badescu skin specialist.


Olay Total Effects -- Free Samples

The Moisturizing Vitamin Complex in Olay Total Effects skin and body care products is designed to slow the appearance of aging. Get your free sample of Total Effects Hand & Body Cream or Total Effects Night Firming Cream today. Limit one each per household.


DHC Skincare -- Free Samples

Call (800) 342-2273 to request a free skin care sampler. Choose the Baby Care, Balancing Essentials, Body Care, or Olive Essentials Sample Kit. If you order the free sample online at, there is a $2 shipping charge.


Q Tips -- Free Travel Pack

Want a clean makeup applicator every time? Just try Q-tips! Call their automated number at (888) 668-4391 for your free travel pack and makeup tips today! -- Monthly Contest

Enter to win in a FREE BeautySak "BeautyBag" valued between $75 and $150! Once a month, gives one goodie bag full of best-loved products to one lucky winner drawn at random. No purchase necessary. One entry per person.

Mentadent -- Free Service

Brighten your lovely smile with Mentadent's complete online oral care center! In addition to their free appointment reminder and Oral Fitness newsletter, you can Ask Julie, their online expert and registerd dental hygenist all your oral care questions!

Crest - Coupon for Free Product

Wear a new smile with the new Crest Spin Brush. Join the Crest Club online and receive a coupon which you can exchange for a free Crest Spin Brush. Get your friends in on this whiter, brighter deal and you qualify for more special offers.


Kotex - Free thong panty liners

Now you can finally wear your favorite hip huggers during those blah days. With Kotex thin pads and thong panty liners, you can look good and stay dry. So tuck away the grandma drawers and sign up to receive your free sample pack.

MenopauseRx - Free MenopauseRX Survival Kit

You don't have to go through menopause confused and alone. Sign up to receive a FREE MenopauseRx Survival Kit, free educational materials, samples and coupons for products to relieve menopause symptoms and address pertinent health concerns.

Cold Fusion - Coupon for Free Sample

Say goodbye to those tired, mealy energy bars that taste like cardboard. There's a new, rich, creamy solution to your diet dilemma. Fill out the online form to receive a Cold Fusion Bar coupon. This yummy energy bar looks and tastes like an ice-cream popsicle and comes in decadent chocolate or fruity flavors like Orange Passion, Berry Blast or Key Lime.


<LI>Opti-Free Express - Free Coupon

Take the online survey to qualify for a money-saving coupon to use on your next purchase of Opti-Free Express Solution to clean your contacts.


Wow, ye USA'ers get so many great offers, bargains etc.. Guess ill just have to pack my things & move over!

Originally Posted by laura127 Wow, ye USA'ers get so many great offers, bargains etc.. Guess ill just have to pack my things & move over! Forgive us!!!
I've done the Natrol thing, and so has my mom. We both received a nice package of all sorts of samples, and full sizes (close to expiration, that's probably why). It was a great freebie!!!


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