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Feb 3, 2011
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This past Christmas, my husband gave me "Three Little Wonders", the basic anti-aging products in Ole Henriksen's skin care line after I used samples for a month and fell in love. After writing and telling them how much I liked their products and how noticeably better my skin looked, they wrote me back and asked for my address to send me more samples. They arrived today.

They sent me a chemical peel sample of theirs (I'm already using one by Avon), two different types of eye cream samples (I'm already using one by Philosophy), a red tea facial cleanser (I'm already using a cleanser from Say Yes To BlueBerries) and a natural spf daily moisturizer sample with antioxidants (I'm already using one from Aveeno)

So my question to all of you is this:  Do you think it is good to use ALL the same skin care items from the same line so they can work together, or do you think it is really not that important and as long as what you want to work is working, it doesn't matter who makes it?

I've used two samples already and am thinking about switching to them when my current supply of that product runs out......

Honestly? It can be easier to stick with one line of products so that you know you aren't using things that counteract one another, but if you are willing to look into ingredients and make sure of that, there's no real harm in mixing lines.

I think cosmetic companies would love for you to buy their entire line.  They want to promote that you buy their entire line because that means you'll spend more money at their store instead of someone elses.  I don't believe in that perception that they all 'work' together. Its just a sales tactic.


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