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Mar 2, 2006
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I used to hear this about cold water with it probably works!

Skin Care Tip: Instant skin tightening and pore reducing tip

submitted by Rowena Yeo, Singapore

Tip description / details:

To tighten the pores on your skin, place a wet towel in a ziplock bag and leave it in the refridgerator over night. In the morning, after your face wash, place the cold tower over the face, pressing it lightly in the Tzone (nose, cheeks, forehead, area below mouth).


Clean face towel rinsed with water. Ziplock bag

How to prepare:

Place wet face towel (folder) in the zip lock bag and leave in the refridgerator before going to bed. Make sure that the face towel is clean.

How to use:

Place towel over cleansed face in the morning before skin care routine.

Results (observed by submitter):

Face is immediately refreshed and pores tightened. Costs involved:




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