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Mar 2, 2006
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2 this is one I haven't heard before. Anyone else heard of it? Wonder if it works?

Skin Care Tip: Baby powder for acne

submitted by Anita, London, UK

I have found that baby powder (talc) works very well. Each night before you go to bed wash your face with facial cleanser then pat it dry. Then pour some powder on your hand and pat it on your face covering your entire face. It looks a bit strange but it really is worth it. make sure the whole face is covered in an even layer and go to bed like that. When you awake in the morning your skin will feel so soft, this is particularly effective for acne prone skin. My friend tried this and now twice a week she goes through this procedure to keep her acne away. She has told me that it really does work for her. This has really helped my skin to stay clear, whenever i do get a spot i just cover it in powder and that calms it down, by the next day it will have gone.
i never tried that, but i'd be careful. talc can cause allergies. a makeupartist told me MAC was putting some in the foundations, and since then i've always wondered if this was the reason why i broke out.

Oh I do that when I was a lil kid lol. But it wasn't for acne or anything because I just love putting baby powder on my face and body lol.

But this interesting, acne treatment? cool!

it kills ants too !! lol !! if you put it on their ant beds it will get rid of them and is still safe for pets to be around ulike some ant killers !

Okay.. now THAT is interesting!! I didn't know it killed ants! I guess it makes sense though...

If anyone ends up testing it out on the face, let us know how it goes!! I'm spot free at the moment, but you never know when that will come in handy!


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