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Mar 2, 2006
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Homemade Skin Care Recipe: Green tea moisturizer/toner

submitted by marie, walnut creek, CA United States

Tip description / details:

I saw a show about women who lightened liver spots using green tea masks and moisturizers. I use a green tea moisturizer myself and it helps lighten dark spots on my face. Not dramatically, but there is some fading and it is cheap .


3 tablespoons of loose leaf green tea ; 1 cup of water ; 1 tablespoon of glycerin (found at any drugstore)

How to prepare:

Brew the tea with hot water and let it seep for about 5 min. Pour the tea and glycerin into an old toner bottle and shake. Cool and keep it in the fridge

How to use:

Pat the toner on your face about 2 times a day, more if you can. Keep the toner in your fridge to slow down the oxidation of the tea and it lasts about a week .

Results (observed by submitter):

Some fading of dark spots and lightening of the skin. Costs involved:



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