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Mar 2, 2006
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Yet another oil to try ladies!

Skin Care Tip: Rosehip oil

submitted by Bridget Harris, Edinburgh, UKFor some time I have used neat pure rose hip oil on my face and neck and found it has refined my skin and improved the texture and smoothness considerably. It has also reduced wrinkles - fine ones quite a bit, deeper ones less so but still a bit. The oil is said to contain natural tretinoin, a metabolite of Vitamin A. I use it every morning under my normal moisturizer and make up but people whose skin is not particularly dry may find it is sufficient as a moisturizer on its own. It can leave slight yellowish residues on bedding and clothes so I don't wear it at night and take care to make sure there is no excess oil on my neck to avoid getting on clothes, although it penetrates the skin quickly and doesn't leave the skin looking oily. You also need to take care not to let the oil seep into your eyes therefore I do not use it on my upper eyelids. Various companies sell this oil and the version I use is by Aimara which is from South America, organic and cold pressed. It can be found at Aimara Organic Rosehip Oil - Chile's best kept secret. I purchase the oil in the 50 ml size as this lasts a long time (several months as a little goes a long way) and direct from the company so that I can be sure it is fresh when I get it.



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