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Mar 2, 2006
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Hhhmmm...sounds easy..but cold!

Skin Care Tip: Toning

submitted by MAX FINCHER, LONDON, UK

For those with oily / tougher skins, one of the best ways to tone and invigorate your skin is simple and cheap: submerge your entire face in a basin of really cold water. Don't use hot water to cleanse beforehand though - warm is sufficient - otherwise you will end up with broken capillaries (not a good look!).

Take a deep breath and hold your face in the water for as long as you can, but don't drown yourself! Do it 2/3 times and splash the cold on your neckline too. Your skin will be pink and glowing and it will return to normal in a few minutes time.

This is great for closing the pores, getting blood into the skin to nourish the dermis and it's much better than buying toners that contain alcohol and chemicals that dry your skin out. However, always moisturize when your skin returns to its normal state to avoid overdrying.

The skin feels invigorated, the pores look much smaller and you will feel invigorated.


I always splash cold water on my face especially after using my honey mask. It does work to close to pores.

omg! i do this every morning. i don't submerge, but after my shower and doing my hair i splash my face neck and shoulders with really cold water. i do it to close my pores and because is sweat so much from my morning run that i can hardly get my makeup on! lmao~ it good to know i'm actually do something good for my skin!

Originally Posted by Ohappydayes /img/forum/go_quote.gif Splash I can do, submerge 2-3 times...umm, not so sure. LOL Yeah...I was thinking that too! lol....
Burrrr! Sounds like a good summer beauty activity! Have also heard of rubbing an ice cube on your enlarged pores.....cannot advocate...have not tried it.....

Originally Posted by Ohappydayes /img/forum/go_quote.gif I guess I wouldn't need two cups of coffee before I leave for work if I did this every morning!
Thanks for the tips. Will try to do this as I use to scrub my face 2-3 times a week which indeed help to close the pores smaller.

I used to do this but I've forgotten to lately. It does smack you awake, I gotta say that


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