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May 2, 2006
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i finally went to the mall instead of working (to spend some time with my mom as we rarely go out together shopping).

i mostly needed skincare stuff and some food supplements. so here's what i bought :

-Weleda almond oil hydrating moisturizer (for normal to combo & sensitive skins). it's great, doesn't cost much, and it's organic

-Neutrogena lipbalm

-Weleda calendula cream (face&body)

-Alep soap

-i got a sample of another hydrating face moisturizer

-Le Petit Marseillais, shea butter, argan & almond oil bodycream (love it)

-a cheap but nice conditioner containing palm oil and jasmin.

i noticed the saleswoman putting something else in my bag. i went out, and then checked to see if she hadn't mix the purchases of someone else with mine. well, she didn't ! there was a soap from La roche Posay !!
my favorite brand
it was supposed to be given to any customer purchasing the body cream called Lipikar (for dry skins). well i didn't (too expensive) but i still got the soap ! of course, i keep it ! and it will come in handy as i have a dry, crocodile like skin, especially in winter.

i also went to the pharmacy and got a supply of meds.

as usual, i forgot to buy some highlight pens (i always forget something when shopping, even with a list). the bookstore didn't have the manga i was looking for :/ it's the kind of store of having stock of only the new stuff, but no durable stock of books.

anyway, my mom said we could go together check out a new mall. she spotted the Starbucks for me
(everywhere now, she spots it, she knows i will look for it anyway and stop by to get my usual poison
). that's so cute of her.

That is an excellent haul! And it was great you got to spend time with your mother.

Originally Posted by sushi-gal /img/forum/go_quote.gif Tres bien! I'm interested in Welda cream and oil, let us know how you like it. so far so good
i tried the calendula cream on my face, it's great but takes some time to be absorbed.
yawn, i went to bed at 2:20 AM, woke up at 8, but it was worth it.

Originally Posted by sushi-gal /img/forum/go_quote.gif Tres bien! I'm interested in Welda cream and oil, let us know how you like it. Joining the request!!!
and enjoy your face products