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Aug 15, 2011
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there's a Gratiae store opening downtown, and my mom tried a sample that she fell in love with. In store and the official online site the product was like $200, but on amazon it was like $30--and none of the reviews said it was a fake item. in fact, people were saying how it's better to get it on amazon than at a kiosk.

the same thing happened when I looked up Premier Dead Sea skincare products, which also has skincare items in the $200's. both seem to be mall-kiosk type places, but you'd think they'd keep the list price the same throughout--even if the products clearly aren't worth that much. do you think the ones online are fake? I just don't see how that mall-kiosk business model could survive when people have smartphones, or at least could easily compare prices..

That much of a reduction in price leads me to believe it's counterfeit. Is the order fulfilled by Amazon or by the Marketplace vendor? If by Amazon most likely not counterfeit but if from a Marketplace Vendor then the chance is pretty high it's fake.


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