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Sep 2, 2007
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I have always been a pants girl-Im a sucker for wide legs. With an occasional skirt or dress in the summer or to Church. But now I have this facination with skirts and dresses
. I'd like to wear them more often-people like Stacy London and another woman at work make them so attractive. I think skirts are the highest form of womanhood-very feminine, sexy and graceful
. If you do it right! Guess that means I'll need new shoes and boots huh?

I would love to wear more dresses, as well, but I have such a hard time finding any that fit me well. I really like the A-line sweater dresses that have coming out for winter, though.

dresses are really in at the moment. The last few years I've noticed that dresses are cheaper and there are more of them. Tops to wear with skirts are less popular too!

I LOVE dresses myself, it's so much easier to coordinate an outfit, LOL

I love skirts and dresses... No big surprise there!! I'm usually the only one in the place in a skirt or dress and I'm a guy!! hahaha

A-line are really pretty.... and ya got to accessorize.. to complete the outfit!!! post some photos of your new clothes after you get tme, please....

Love skirts and dresses. As I'm getting older I find I wear them alot more than before. Love a high waisted pencil skirt to work or a sexy black fitted dress to dinner! Always makes me feel more feminine to slip into something like that.

I have always enjoyed the coolness of a dress in the summer. However most of the work I do requires pants.

to work i always wear dresses and skirts. love love love!!

I'm starting to wear skirts and dresses more. I used to hate how skinny my legs looked. Either they are getting fatter or I'm getting used to them.

I think that now I want to wear dresses and skirts whereas as a little girl I had to wear dresses and lets face it, in Junior high we didn't like anything that had anything to do with our time changes our outlook.

I don't really wear dresses/skirts although i'd look to wear them more. Especially jean skirts, those are so cute. I guess i don't really wear dresses because i don't have anywhere to wear them too? lmao I don't want to seem overdressed too with dresses, but i'm sure i can find something simple that wouldn't make me feel that way.

I find skirts more versatile and easier to wear but nothing beats a dress! I have trouble restraining myself when it comes to buying pretty dresses because I often don't have special occasions to wear them to :/

I wear skirts and dresses everyday, I don't have any pants in my wardrobe. I used to hate how skinny my legs are, but the more i wear skirts, the more I loove them.

I adore dresses with empire waists, being short and curvy they look really nice.

I love dresses mostly. I find that it's easier to find a proper fitting dress than jeans. It's just too cold here to wear them yet.

I just love wearing skirts and dresses, they look great, you can be more creative with your outfit and they are so comphy.

Skirts and dresses are the best, I love all types, lengths and colours. Sooo many to choose from its great.


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